Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My *10 YEAR* Raw-nniversary Today - Free Giveaway ;)

WOW, it's 10 years ago today since my dear friend Heida in Iceland lent me the book which helped me to change the life path I was on...10 years ago today I borrowed the book "Raw Family" by the Boutenkos, read the whole thing in one evening and *bam*, dove into my raw path the very next day :)
A decade later, what an epic journey this has all turned out to be, leading me from miserable, morbidly obese, always ill and extremely shut down emotionally, through ten or so dress size changes, countless countries, interviews and talks all around the world, marriage, moving to Ecuador and now the whole new adventure of motherhood ;)

If you don't already know about the early years of my transformation, you can read aaaaaaaaaaaaall about that on my website HERE...

As for now, I'd love to extend my heartfelt gratitude and gleeeeeeeeee, as ever, to dearest Heida for setting me on my raw path, the Boutenkos for sharing their story that inspired me so much, Mr. Monarch for sharing this wild ride with me with such love and passion...and ALL of you out there who have been a part of this transformative healing journey this last decade, in whatever role you may have showed up - THANK YOU :)

As a little celebration of this decade benchmark today, I'd love to give away 10 free copies of the very first ebook I ever wrote on the subject of raw: "How To Go Raw For Weight Loss"...if you'd love to feast your eyes on a free copy of this ebook, just leave me a comment below on this blog post letting me know who or what inspires you most in the raw foods movement right now and why :) You can also leave your comment on Facebook instead if you find that easier...the thread on Facebook is HERE: I'll aim to split the winners at random in the coming days between commenters on both pages...

For now, HUGE thanks again to you all out there who have been part of this decade-long celebration of life and transformation and here's to many more decades of exploration to come... :)

All love,
Angelallaaaaaaaaa. xxx

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