Monday, 21 May 2012

The *FREE* Conscious Parenting Summit Starts Tomorrow :)))

Woooooo-HOOOOOOOO: our free online Conscious Parenting Summit starts *TOMORROW* :)))))

Are you signed up yet…??? If yes, YAY, we’re so excited to share this with you :)

If not, you can jump in HERE if you’d love to…

Here’s a reminder of what’s in store:

Below is a list of all of our esteemed speakers, along with the subjects that they are speaking on:

Robin Lim (CNN Hero of the Year 2011)
– Lotus Birthing, Breastfeeding, Bonding
Barbara Harper – Water Birthing
Laura Shanley – Unassisted Birthing
Ingrid Bauer - Diaper Free
Sarah Buckley, MD – Placenta Transfusion, Dangers of Early Cord Cutting; Breastfeeding & Co-sleeping
Elena Vladirimova – Conscious Conception and Living in Community
April Renee - Vaccinations
Jan Hunt – Unschooling
Naomi Aldort – Communicating with Children
Hethir Rodriguez - Fertility & Avoiding Miscarriages
Shazzie – Nutrition for Babies and Children
Michael Mendizza - Primal Parenting in a Modern World
Carrie Contey (prenatal and perinatal psychologist) – Slow Parenting and How Babies’ Brains Work
Bregje Hamelynck – Dunstan Baby Language
Mary Jackson (Midwife for 40 years) – Natural Home Birthing with Incredible Stories
Marilyn Milos – Circumcision

We hope that you can join us :)

To sign up for this free event, click the link below:

…and please remember to help spread the word of this informative, life-changing free event with your friends and family too :)

All love and crowning joyblossoms,
Angelalalalalaaaaaa, Mr. Mmmmm and Oria Berry. xxx


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