Saturday, 13 December 2008

Best of Raw Awards 2008 :)

OOOOooooo, I have smthg SO fun to share with you today :)
A bunch of raw yumsters have come together to create the ‘Best of Raw 2008’ awards :))) FUN :)))
NOMINATIONS are open now – you can go to, scroll down a little and click on the durian to enter YOUR suggestions in the boxes for the 10 different award categories, which include:

Nominations for the categories are open from now until Wednesday Dec. 17th. The nominees will be announced that evening and VOTING will then begin and go on until New Year’s Eve at noon. The winners will be announced on New Year’s Eve on raw radio stations and the partner sites. The yumsters behind the fun include Laura Fox, Giselle Tarres, Steve Prussack, Revvell Revati, Give It To Me Raw and The Raw Games – WOW :))) Thanks SO much for pulling out some party fun games for the raw family at Holiday time, everyone ;) Love it...

SO, just CLICK HERE to go and make your nominations now...ENJOY :)

on December the 10th I had:

1 quart water
2 tbsp Sproutein powder
3 cups veggie juice: bell pepper, celery, cucumber, parsley, dandelion, spinach, romaine, carrot
2 cups water
2 apples with 3 tbsp sproutein powder
AMAZING gourmet raw meal hand–made by the delicious Monarch – a blissful combination of greeeeeeen kale/broccoli/zucchini salad with Ani Phyo’s chutney and zucchini/macadamia stuffed coconut wraps, followed by a little raw ice cream – WOW ;O
3 cups water

If you’re looking for raw recipe inspiration, I’d love to suggest you hop on over to Facebook and befriend our DEAR deardear friend Solla from Iceland (if you’re not friends with her already that is). Solla is a truly ext–RAW–dinary woman – love her SOOOOO much – and she is like a raw recipe ‘machine’ – it’s amazing – every single day she posts gorgeous new free raw recipes on Facebook (often multiple times a day – and in both English and Icelandic ;) So, if you’re looking for an antidote to the fact that Stokes never seems to know the recipe for anything and wants to just eat Sproutein straight from the tub, you might find some yummy rewards via befriending the uber–lovely Solla ;) Click HERE to go and meet Solla on Facebook. (BTW, if you want to thank her for the recipes in Icelandic, you can say ‘Takk fyrir’ = ‘thank you’ ;)

on December the 11th I had:

1 quart water
3 cups veggie juice: bell pepper, celery, cucumber, parsley, dandelion, spinach, romaine, carrot
1 fuyu persimmon, little handful of strawberries and raspberries
2 tbsp sproutein powder with an apple
2 cups energy soup with okra and ‘gourmet’ leftovers, followed by a goji crunchy bar – yummmmmmmmm ;)
2 cups water

on December the 12th I had:

1 quart water
3 tbsp sproutein powder with 2 apples
1 tbsp bee pollen
1.5 quarts greeeeeeeeen juice: celery, cucumber, kale, broccoli, dandelion, romaine, ginger, lime
2 cups water
2 cups energy soup with okra and kale chips on the side, followed by a little raw ice cream
2 cups water

Mmmmm, are you in Holiday–gift–buying mode at the moment? I am dabbling my fingers into it today via my computer keyboard... ;)’s a bit prickly out there in ‘purchasing world’ methinks... THANKFULLY there are many outlets available to invest in presents that have yummy, loved–up, caring energy embedded in previously mentioned, over at, beautiful Bunny Berry has a wonderful ‘Holiday Craft Market’ of members’ creations – see HERE.
Delightful Dhrumil over at also recently posted a wonderful list of Holiday offers from raw–friendly companies – ‘keeping it in the family’ ;) can see that list HERE.
The ’15 for 15’ Sale is also still on in the RawReform Store – here’s a reminder abt that:

I decided to pick 15 of our products that are either new and shiny OR that I feel would make great Holiday gifts - and we've put them all at 15% off for you... :)

Here's the list of what's on offer (in no particular order):

'Anastasia' book set
Lucuma powder
Dry skin brush

4-quart enema bag
Raw Foods for Busy People 2 - Green Magic
Sprouted cinnamon cereal

Macaforce vanilla spice
Hemp protein 50%

Luna nori crackers
Wild Power tea


Chia moon drops
Brazil nut protein powder

'Birth as we Know It' DVD
The Raw Revolution Diet book

Furthermore, if you’re looking to get some beautiful eco–friendly clothes for any loved ones this year, I’ve mentioned these sites before, yet I’ll add them in again here as a little reminder ;) In the US, I’d recommend (HUUUUUGE selection and fantastic discounts) and in the UK/Europe,
Hope that helps ease any possible shopping frustrations ;)

All love and gentle jingle bells,
Stokes. xxx

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