Saturday, 6 December 2008


MMmmmm, I was editing Raw Emotions again today (for the Xteenth time this year ;) and really resonated with a few passages that I’d love to share here, if you’re open to that? Yes? Good, then we shall begin...I hope you’re sitting comfortably ;)

“Another common misconception that often goes hand-in-hand with ‘you can eat whatever you want, as long as it’s raw’ is the idea that ‘raw food heals us’. It is not the raw food itself that heals us, or even the fact that raw food has more enzymes. It is the fact that we finally stop putting so many things into our bodies that are damaging, clogging us up with toxins and other debris. Your BODY does the healing by itself, once you stop adding in so many obstructions. I no longer get ill. This is not primarily ‘because’ I eat raw food; it is because I don’t put so many things into my body that are obstructive and cause disease. There is a big difference. Similarly, a squirrel or other wild animal is not healthy because he eats raw food; he just doesn’t consume things or quantities that are toxic and cause disease. Being well is our natural state; disease is not.”

Love that. I sense this resonated for me so much today because right now I’m in the process of helping some people who are TOTALLY new to raw, to move into a life more vibrant. It is amazing to me how so many people seem to comprehend so little about the connection between food and health... From my ‘raw food bubble’ of reality, I guess I forget how some other people see the world ;) LOL... well, ultimately of course it all comes down to ‘what you leave OUT’ of your intake, rather than ‘what you add IN’ can be eating spirulina and goji berries until your teeth are stuck together and your whole mouth is slimed-up green – you’re not going to see real healing unless you SIMULTANEOUSLY cease eating the foods that are most toxic to the body (i.e. highly processed, packaged and cooked foods)...once that stage is taken care of, it's all fine-tuning and tweaking from there... Mr. M loves talking abt all this stuff of course – you can see many of his free articles on these subjects HERE and his books HERE... for now, I guess I’ll just be breathing deep with gratitude, as ever, for having been shown this simple path of eating raw to help our bodies heal... ;)

on December the 4th I had:

1 quart water
2 cups greeeen juice: celery, cucumber, dandelion, fennel, parsley, kale, tatsoi, nettles, lime
2 cups energy soup with mineral rich flax crackers and kale chips on the side, followed by NEW coconut yumballs from the Monarch with a little raw ice cream – yummmm ;)
1 quart water
1 tbsp SPROUTEIN powder – LOVE it :))))
water of one young coconut
1 cup energy soup alongside a bowl of kelp noodles with handmade raw pesto sauce (YUMM), followed by NEW coconut yumballs from the Monarch with a little raw ice cream again
2 cups water

I am absolutely LOVING the new Sproutein powder – WOW :) GREAT work from Mr. Alex Raw Guru’ Malinsky... I feel this product really deserves an award – it’s SOOOO tasty and SOOOOO nutritious too – it’s a blend of freshly freeze–dried SPROUT powders with hemp powder, maca AND some yummy sweet things like yacon and lucuma powders too. It is INGENIOUS :) I love it and have been eating it by the spoonful straight from the tub every day since getting hold of it ;) The packaging’s beautiful, there’s so much LOVE in there, it’s easy to eat, it’s just BRILLIANT :) I think this could easily win my ‘favourite new raw product of 2008’ award in fact...YUUMMMMM... Alex has also brought out little glass jars of individual sprout powders – like fennel sprout powder, kale sprouts and so on. My favourite of these individual powders is the red clover – that’s really tasty too... SUCH cool products to help get more nutrition into people who aren’t really interested in fresh stuff/growing their own sprouts and so on (while gently reminding them that real health is truly all about what they leave OUT, of course ;) Mmmm, very very cool :) THANK YOU, Alex :)

on December the 5th I had:

1 quart water
3 cups greeeeeen juice: celery, cucumber, tatsoi, parsley, dandelion, fennel, lime
2 cups energy soup with mineral rich flax crackers and kale chips on the side, followed by NEW coconut yumballs from the Monarch with a little raw ice cream
1 quart water
1 tbsp SPROUTEIN powder
water of one young coconut
little bowl of raw ice cream
3 cups water

on December the 6th I had:

1 quart water
2tbsp Sproutein powder
water of one young coconut
2 cups energy soup with kale chips and mineral–rich flax crackers, followed by coconut yumballs from the Monarch with a little raw ice cream
1 quart water
1 quart greeeen juice: celery, cucumber, radish, dandelion, fennel, parsley, lime
2 tbsp Sproutein powder

Thanks be to ye who have been sending in your designs/ideas for the ULTIMATE raw food kitchen...and we’d love to see more suggestions too, if you have any you’d care to share... Here are the details again of this month’s RawReform Prize Giveaway, if you didn’t send us in your ideas yet:

The contest this time round involves designing YOUR 'ultimate' raw food kitchen space :))) Ideally we'd love to see drawings, if you're able to scan smthg and email it in; you could also DESCRIBE your ideal raw kitchen space, or I'm sure there must also be online programmes somewhere that let you design house spaces (oooo, HERE is one, for example)...however you're able to transmit your ideas to us, we're excited to see your input...
Please let your raw imaginations expand on this one ;) Most of us do NOT live in spaces that were designed with raw foodists in mind - so, forget tiny drying rack spaces and boarded over ovens - how would you create the ULTIMATE raw kitchen space, if you were starting with a blank canvas?
We very much look forward to seeing your ideas - please submit them to before December the 20th.
The winner will be whichever design we feel resonates most as an 'ideal' raw food kitchen environment...and the prize will be either a $50 gift voucher for use towards any of the kitchen appliances in the RawReform Store OR a kitchen gift package of a spiral slicer, one of our amazing nut milk bags and a 'Raw Kitchen' permachart.
SO, get your pencils out and get scribbling, friends :)

YAY :) Looking forward to seeing your plans...
All love, gratitude and lime–flavoured delights,
Angelalalalalaaa. xxx

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