Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Sly Smiles...

Oooooo, I’m feeling all aglow and excitable right the latest newsletter from ‘The Ringing Cedars of Russia’ (the people who publish the ‘Anastasia’ books), they included my weight loss story, a link to the CNN piece I did earlier this year, plus another article on raw food too – FUN :) I had a huge grin at being featured in ‘Anastasia’s newspaper’ - or 'The Earth' as it's known - as she’s definitely my biggest current source of si*star* inspiration...You can see their latest newsletter HERE – it is huuuuuuuuuuuuuge, packed with amazing articles on ecovillages, permaculture, growing food and now...RAW food lifestyles too :) YAY :) You can sign up to receive their free newsletters HERE and if you haven’t yet read the AMAZING Anastasia books, you can see them HERE...

on December the 7th I had:

1 quart water
water of one young coconut
1.5 cups energy soup with mineral–rich flax crackers and kale chips, followed by a little raw ice cream with coconut yumballs
1 quart water
1 quart veggie juice: cucumber, spinach, romaine, red bell pepper, carrot, fennel
1 tsp yummmmy bee pollen
handful of AMAZING strawberries :)))
1.5 cups energy soup with kale chips and AMAZING fresh chubby okra, followed by samples of new bars – almond, chai, goji (goji = my favourite ;)
3 cups water

I watched a great raw food lecture by Paul Nison on YouTube yesterday. It’s in 6 parts and is called ‘Formula for Health’. I love that Paul shares about the importance of many other factors for our optimal health than just FOOD – he talks about the role of television in the ‘numbing’ game, some really interesting historical info about how people used to usually eat twice a day and why they started to eat more and more, the perils of eating late at night, the major causes of disease, the role of exercise and so on. Paul throws lots of humour into the mix of his lectures – it’s a fun watch, methinks – you can check out the first part HERE and click on through all 6 parts from there if you’re drawn – I recommend it...ENJOY :)
(BTW – Paul’s going to be a daddy for the first time very soon – his lovely wife Andrea is expecting their daughter in the first few weeks of the new year – EXCITING – send them loooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee :)

on December the 8th I had:

1 quart water
1 quart veggie juice: cucumber, spinach, romaine, red bell pepper, carrot, fennel
couple of spoonfuls of AMAZING Mexican papaya
2 cups energy soup with okra and kale chips on the side, followed by a crunchy goji bar
3 cups water
water of 2 young coconuts with 1 tbsp greener grasses powder
3 cups energy soup with okra and kale chips on the side, followed by some raw coconut ice cream freshly–made by the Monarch – WOW :)
3 cups water

on December the 9th I had:

1 quart water
3 cups veggie juice: cucumber, spinach, romaine, carrot, red bell pepper, fennel
½ tbsp bee pollen
big bowl of fruit salad with chia gel: papaya, strawberries, raspberries, banana
2 tbsp sproutein powder
2 cups water
2 cups greeeeeeen juice: celery, cucumber, parsley, dandelion, spinach, lime
2 cups energy soup with okra and kale chips, followed by a little Monarch–made raw ice cream and pieces of goji bar
2 cups water

Mmmmm, I read another passage in ‘Raw Emotions’ today that I’d love to share here...I hope you enjoy any note of resonance it might strike for you ;)

A Secret Smile…
Sometimes our body language can reveal interesting things about our patterns. For example, have you noticed that some people actually smile as they talk about perceived ‘difficulties’ in their lives? Sometimes of course, this appears as the gentle smile of someone who is aware that ultimately, all is well, whatever appears to be happening on the surface. More frequently, though, this pattern seems to arise in those who tend to focus on ‘issues/problems’ in life - e.g. ‘Did I tell you, Uncle Billy’s going in for a knee operation again?’; ‘The service at that restaurant was awful - the waitress was so rude’; or ‘I told them that would happen - they never listen to me’ and so on. Although the topic is something that might usually be thought of as unfortunate/unpleasant, the speaker is smiling. There is a sense that they actually enjoy focusing on these aspects of life or even delight in it in some way. They might dwell on details and repeat such stories often. What might be behind that smile? My feeling is that usually, focusing on ‘the negative’ is a life-long pattern for such speakers and it is what feels comfortable to them. In contrast, speaking about inspiring, uplifting, exciting, expansive ideas and projects might seem alien and perhaps even scary to someone whose reality until now has been mainly shaped by ‘negative’ imprinting.
Be aware of your own facial expressions in the coming days as you speak. Do you notice yourself smiling if you speak about ‘difficulties’? Does this seem peculiar to you? What do you think might underlie this pattern?
I recognised this pattern in myself only when it was pointed out to me one day by a friend. I was relaying a story I’d told many times before of how challenging my relationship had been with an ex-partner. My friend listened as I told this ‘tale of woe’ then asked me why I’d had a slight smile on my face the whole time I spoke. What was ‘in it’ for me to keep repeating this story? How was this serving me? This was a real moment of clarity for me and helped me to move on and let go of that pattern.
This is not to suggest, however, that we all ought to look morose, tearful or distraught whenever we relay other-than-fabulous information. It is simply a pattern that can be observed and might reveal some interesting insights, if we are willing to explore...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... ;)
All love,
Angelalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. xxx

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