Sunday, 21 December 2008

Dancing into our Inner Circles...

Oooooo, we’ve got a fun new play area to share with you: The ‘Inner Circle’.
Those of you who are already familiar with the work of Mr. and Mrs. Gianni may know that they have set up a lovely health community subscription site called ‘The Inner Circle’. It already has over 1000 active members and as of now, myself and the Monarch are going to be playing in there too, regularly ;) We’re going to be giving talks once a month, as well as answering questions, posting exclusive videos and possibly even whistling some of your favourite songs (if you ask nicely ;).
As an introductory offer to come and play in this shiny new sandpit, you can sign up for the quirky figure of just $7.77 (that’s abt £5 for those of you in the UK – bargain ;) and you will receive this raw–markable package deal:

*My entire ‘Raw Emotions’ e–Book (usually $24.95)
*An exclusive ‘Raw Emotions’ audio download – this will be the first full interview I’ve given on the subject of Raw Food and Emotions.
*30–day Trial Membership to the Inner Circle service, including community support, weekly talks, videos, Q and A sessions, download archive of interviews and transcripts with yumsters such as Victoria Boutenko, David Wolfe, Mike Adams and so on...

SO, you get all that for just $7.77, plus on TOP of that, if you stick around to play some more after the first 30 day trial, you’ll get access to an ONGOING 12% discount coupon at Mr. M’s raw food superstore,
That coupon will ALWAYS work, meaning that you will get 12% off ALL purchases forevermore, if you stick around ;) The monthly membership fee for the Inner Circle service is just $9.97 a month, which could easily pay for itself with the savings you’d enjoy at TheRawFoodWorld. Sounds like a pretty mighty deal, right? ;) it...
SO, if you’d like to check out this amazing offer, just CLICK HERE; if nothing else, you could get a copy of ‘Raw Emotions’ for $7.77 – bargain, right? ;)
This intro offer is scheduled to end soon, on Wednesday the 24th, so act now if you wanna play – click HERE and ENJOY :)

on December the 19th I had:

1 quart water
water of 2 young coconuts, 2 tbsp sproutein powder
2 cups energy soup with kale chips and snap peas on the side, followed by a bowl of hand–blended yum: almond butter, maca, lucuma powder, carob powder, goji berries
little mug of spicy tea
3 cups water
3 cups veggie juice: celery, parsley, dandelion, fennel, carrots with greens, ginger
2 cups energy soup with kale chips and okra on the side, followed by a bowl of hand–blended yum: almond butter, maca, lucuma powder, carob powder, goji berries
2 cups water

I am caretaking/rehabilitating 2 tiny, month–old puppies and their mum ‘Sandy’ at the moment. They could use a LOT of love right now. They’ve been with me a few days now and I wasn’t actually sure they’d make it through the night last night – I’m relieved that they’re still here today though and they seem to be getting stronger... It seems to have been rather a rough ride for them all so far in this dimension – we’re doing our best to help them to heal now though. If you feel drawn to send love, light and healing towards these three beautiful young canine friends, please do...yesterday was the toughest day so far with them and I sensed there was about a 60% chance they’d make it through the night. Amidst this somewhat bleak situation, a song came onto my iTunes to remind me with sweet lyrics that ‘the greatest gift of life is to know love’...and so that’s the main thing we’re channeling to these little beings right now – love, love, LOVE and more LOVE...and I sense they’re really feeling it...they seem to be getting stronger...and I am so grateful for that. So, please do add your love and blessings for their health and well–being into the Universal Flow, if you are will be much appreciated...
Thank you.

on December the 20th I had:

1 quart water
spoonful of INCREDIBLE mamey – wow ;)
water of 1 coconut with 2 tbsp Sproutein powder
2 cups energy soup with kale chips and snap peas, followed by hand–stirred yumpot of hemp butter, lucuma powder, Maca Force, carob powder and goji berries
little cup of spicy tea
3 cups water
2 cups veggie juice: celery, red bell pepper, fennel, carrot
2 cups energy soup with kale chips and snap peas, followed by hand–stirred yumpot of lucuma powder, cinnamon, Maca Force, carob powder and goji berries
2 cups water

Hmmmm, seems to be time for four little friendly reminders:

*Kitchen Contest – tomorrow is the closing date for entries for the current RawReform Giveaway Contest, which this month involves sending in YOUR design for the *ultimate* raw food kitchen. Read more HERE and send your entries in to

*Philosopher’s Notes – Brian Johnson is still on his mammoth mission to give away a MILLION free subscriptions to his site before the end of the year – you can claim yours HERE and spread the love to whomsoever else you like ;)

*Best of Raw 2008 – don’t forget to cast YOUR votes in the ‘Best of Raw 2008’ awards HERE – voting closes on New Year’s Eve.

*15 for 15 Sale – this sale is currently still on at the RawReform Store, where you can get 15 of our yummiest items at 15% off – click HERE to see what’s on offer.

All blessings, joy, love and health with you and of you,
Angela. xxx

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