Saturday, 1 August 2009

Raw Emotions Reviewed... :)

Awwwwwww, HERE is a lovely little online review of 'Raw Emotions' posted a couple of days ago by Maria Rippo over at :) Maria is Managing Editor of the Alternative Medicine and Natural Health Channel at BrightHub and after coming along to one of our talks in Seattle, she decided to read and review Raw Emotions...
Here's an excerpt:

" I rarely read a book that I feel I would want to read over and over and over, but this book is surely one that will not be collecting dust anytime soon. It is not a book about diet at all, but one about recognizing, facing and working through the very real occurrence of food addiction. In this current culture, where the standard American diet (SAD) reigns, many people do not suffer from lack of self control as much as they do from a literal addiction to food. Without addressing this, a diet may very well only give temporary weight loss success.

If the food addiction aspect is
not addressed, a person will likely gain their weight back. Angela Stokes addresses this issue in a non confrontational, gentle and empathic way that is truly transforming. The one common theme that came to my mind as I read this book was, "Why is this issue left in the dark by the mainstream?". Angela addresses this important question in her book."

Thanks, Maria :) You can read the whole review HERE.

on July the 29th I enjoyed:

1 quart water
1.5 cups greeeeeen juice
pot of pineapple chunks
1.5 cups goji water with Marine Phytoplankton
big bowl of blueberries and blackberries with almond butter
3 cups water
cup of frozen 'banana whip' at Arnold's Way with pineapple, coconut flakes and bee pollen – yummmmm :)
1 quart water

…and while we're on the subject of Raw Emotions, here too is a sweet little message sent in by another reader recently:

"I attended your seminar in Dallas. I've been reading Raw Emotions and must confess that page 47 brought me to tears. You've shed light on areas of my life and described what I've been doing but didn't even realize it. I so appreciate that you've taken the time to write this book." RD, Texas

:) Thanks, RD :)
It's so rewarding for me to hear feedback like this from people about this book and the way that it is helping to facilitate shifts in others' lives – this book felt like such an enormous project to bring to completion and so very cathartic for me to explore...and I love seeing and hearing about the ripples that are now flowing around as the book spreads its way through our individual and collective healing journeys...if you'd love a copy and haven't picked it up yet, you can get Raw Emotions HERE.


on July the 30th I had:

1 quart water
3 cups greeeeeeen juice: cucumber, celery, crab apples, ginger
handful of wild raspberries – WOW ;O
2.5 cups energy soup made with fresh picked greens (purslane, plantain, dandelion, clover, dill...)
3 cups water
1.5 cups goji juice with Marine Phytoplankton
30 chlorella nuts
double shot of wheatgrass/sunflower greens
1.5 cups of coconut water with Greener Grasses powder
1/5 quarts water

on July the 31st I loved:

1 quart water
2 cups goji juice with Marine Phytoplankton
3 cups greeeeeen juice from Liquiteria in NYC
yummy dessert treats from Bonobos – coconut chai drink, pineapple/coconut frozen pie and a mesquite ball – yummmmm :)
1 quart water
3 cups greeeeeen juice from Liquiteria
2 cups water

The primary theme of Raw Emotions is restructuring patterns, habits and behaviours that do not serve us positively...and on that note, I'd love to leave you today with a lovely little quote that recently landed in my inbox via the free daily emails from – loved this one:

“It is a mistake for anyone to think he has lived too long in his old, unsatisfactory ways to make the great change. If you switch on the light in a dark room, it makes no difference how long it was dark because the light will still shine. Be teachable. That is the whole secret.”
~ Vernon Howard

Shine on, my beautiful friends :)
All love,
Angela Claire Stokes–Monarch. xxx

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