Sunday, 9 August 2009

A Green Birthday :)

It's my birthday tomorrow (Monday the 10th) :) ...and I'll be celebrating my 31st spin around brother sun... To mark this jubilant occasion with you guys, it is my pleasure to share 31 of the things, people and resources which have most inspired me into a more blissful and enjoyable journey here since my birth on Earth. I shared this little list recently on my RawReform Newsletter - may it bring you some exciting insights, joy and adventure...

1. The 'Anastasia'/'Ringing Cedars of Russia' Books
2. Mr. Monarch ;)
5. Iceland (especially Solla, SigurRós and Björk ;)
6. The Boutenkos
7. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
8. Satish Kumar
9. Peace Pilgrim
10. The Rainosheks/
11. Mike Adams/
12. Kate Magic
13. Shazzle-Dazzle
14. Steve Pavlina
15. Brian Johnson
16. Spiritual Cinema Circle
17. Dr. David Wolfe
18. Cirque de Soleil
19. Alicia Keys
20. Beyonce
21. Karen Carpenter
22. Permaculture Principles
23. Food Forests
24. The Centre for Alternative Technology
26. Gmonkey
28. Jinjee
29. Scott Kalechstein
30. Hazelden
31. Monty Python ;)

Ok...these were the first 31 things that came to mind - there are naturally hundreds of other things, people and places that inspire me - I love and appreciate you all - let's go with these for now though ;)
I hope there's smthg in there to inspire you too - enjoy :)

on August the 7th I enjoyed:

1 quart water
1 cup herbal womens' tea from Ms. Goji Girl
2 cups greeeeeeen juice
big bowl of sauerkraut and kim chee with almond butter, followed by a little goji/cashew truffle
1 quart water
1 quart water

The results are IN for the latest RawReform Giveaway Contest to win a bag of our yummy, crunchy Chlorella 'Nuts' :) To be in with a chance of grabbing a free bag of these chlorophyll-packed yummies, we asked you to send in your bestest picture of yourself greeeened up with a green raw food mouth or similar ;) We had great fun looking through your entries and I'm delighted to say that the winner is: Shayla R. and her gorgeous little spirulina-mouthed green princess who you can see below - love it :))))

THANKS lovelies for playing the green mouth game :) A bag of yummy chlorella nuts is shimmying its way over to you...enjoy :)
See below for more of the wonderful greeeeeeeen entries people sent in - you guys are so creative and greeeeeen - we love it ;)

on August the 8th I loved:

1 quart water
½ cup greener grasses powder with coconut water
2 cups greeeeeen juice: celery, cucumber, lettuce, leek, lemon, ginger
big bowl of beautiful wild blueberries, with almond butter and nibbles of 4 different new product samples ;)
3 cups water
2 cups goji water with Marine Phytoplankton
2 peaches and bowl of blueberries with almond butter
mug of ginger tea
2 cups water

So, here are another delightful handful of greeeeeeen pics from your lovely selves, in no particular order - enjoy ;)

Swamp-creature Sudha C from Sweden :)

The fabulously chlorella mouth-ed Tracy J.

Hannah M favours the green smoothie 'tache look...

Whereas Amanda in Northern Ireland is all in a twist over green juice...

AJ has found her pot of greeeeen gold at the end of the raw rainbow...

Gina L's little ones looooove the chlorella too...

The gorgeous Erin V is proud to keep it green...

...and sweet little Emma has a chlorella surprise behind that cheeky grin ;)

Well, this was probably the most fun contest we've had so far in terms of viewing all your entries - thank so much again to all of you for playing and watch for details coming soon for the next RawReform Giveaway Contest ;)

All love and greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen explorations,
Ms. Sto-Mo. xxx

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