Friday, 7 August 2009

A Space of Love... :)

Are you ready for the beautiful Space of Love/Funky Raw festie coming up next weekend – August 14th–17th – in the UK?
Mmmmm, I would be there in a split second with fairy bells on if I were in the UK right now – I went to the festie last year in the Sussex countryside and loved it sooooo much, I was beaming the whole weekend ;) I'm in New England right now though, rather than the 'original' England, so I'll be sending blissings from here instead... ;) Some of the intended delights of the festie include: raw food workshops/demos/talks, yoga, live music, wild food walks, healing area, drumming circle, trance dance, permaculture, sauna, kids' area and sound healing – yummmmmmm ;)
You can check out all the details and reserve your space on the SpaceofLove site, HERE. Enjoooyyyyyyy...

on August the 5th I had:

1 quart water
mug of the Rawtographer's outrageously potent herbal tea with schizandra berries, goji berries, medicinal mushrooms, pau d'arco and more...
1.5 cups goji water with Marine Phytoplankton
bottle of greeeeeeeen juice and bottle of Royal Flush from Liquiteria
cherry and fig feast with almond butter and a slice of yummy raw lemon cheesecake :)
1 quart water
bottle of greeeen juice
little handful bee pollen/hemp seed mixture, 2 Brazil nuts and a curry powerwrap
3 cups water

Well, speaking of celebrations, we had a lot of fun at David Wolfe's b–day party in NYC this week and he just posted a video online of the talk he did there. If you didn't see that and would like to check out the action, you can watch it HERE, to find out which kinds of plants he's been growing on his properties, hear how we all met up in Vilcabamba and even maybe learn how to reverse male pattern baldness – lol ;) It's 63 mins long – enjoy ;)

on August the 6th I had:

1 quart water
cherry, peach and blueberry feast with creamy almond butter
1 quart spring water straight from the spring
2 tbsp bee pollen, a few leaves of fresh–picked sheep's sorrel and a few wild berries, 1 tbsp green powder, a strip of dulse
little bowl of sauerkraut and kim chee with creamy almond butter and olives – wow :)
1 cup powerful women's herbal tea from Goji Girl
2 cups water

Oooo lala – the new summer edition of Purely Delicious magazine is out and it is BEAUTIFUL :) Just love the work Rebecca Carlson is doing on this raw's a little sneaky peaky into the line–up this time round:

• Raw-101 (raw friendly markets) with Sheree Clark
• Q+A with Matt Monarch & Angela Stokes-Monarch
• Recipes by Sarma Melngailis of Pure Food & Wine restaurant and Living Raw Food (her latest book)

• Fit Tips by fitness guru Scott Brown
• Cherie Soria from Living Light helps us to find our sweet spot!

• "Who’s Afraid of Sea Vegetables?" by Julie K (Julie Kalivretenos) • Traveling Raw by Matthew Kenney
• "In My Own Words" a new series of healing and hope about my own struggles with Multiple Sclerosis

• The Green Mustache Kids Club / Road Trip Fun by Lisa Testa

• Easy Dining Al Fresco with Omid Jaffari

• Surviving the Summer Cookout...

• And so much more :)

NICE ;) You can grab your copy from HERE if you're not already subscribed – enjoy ;)

All love and blissful unfoldings,

Ms. Sto–Mo. xxx

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