Monday, 6 September 2010

World Raw Food Day: 10-10-10 :)

Dave with his dear friend Tresa :)
As you may have heard by now, our dear friend Dave the Raw Food Truck Driver recently had a stroke...his recovery seems to be moving along well though...he is out of hospital now and even fully intends to be present at the International Day of Juice Feasting event next Sunday in Seattle. The lovely Penni Shelton over at RawFoodRehab has been sharing updates on Dave's process the last few days and even organised a 'Candlelight Vigil' for him last night - all the love, light and healing this vibrant community has been sending his way have been majorly supportive of his recovery, I am please do continue to send this wonderful man your healing thoughts... :) To learn more about Dave's recent journey and how you can help, please see Penni's three posts so far on this, HERE, HERE and HERE...
Again, Mr. Trucker says he still intends to be present at the International Day of Juice Feasting event next Sunday in Seattle, so we hope to see lots of you there for that event too, if you can make it...everyone is welcome :)

on September the 4th I enjoyed:

1 quart water
2 cups greeeeeeeen juice
fresh cherries and mulberries with a little coconut fermented yoghurt :)
an *amazing* mandarinquat :O
big handful of longans
2 cups water
nori roll stuffed with leftover sunflower seed spread, cucumber, lecithin, Sea Clear, followed by a bite of macadamia/goji cookie and a few pieces of freeze-dried jackfruit
2 cups water

In case you missed the updates this week on Bernando LaPallo, the centenarian friend of Paul Nison I have mentioned here before, he just turned 109 last month (another leo ;) and Fox News covered the story, even commenting that "he was on the raw diet before the raw diet was cool"- ;O wow...did Fox News just say the raw diet is "cool"...? Love it ;) Though Bernando is not totally into raw food, he definitely seems to eat a good proportion of fresh produce and seems *so* wonderfully healthy and present at the age of 109 :) I've seen many people sharing this link and story already this week - what an inspiration Bernando is to us all :) Check the video out HERE.

on September the 5th I loved:

1 quart water
2 more *amazing* mandarinquats
samples of fruit at farmer's market
1 quart wateremlon/orange juice
bowl of fresh blueberries and figs with a little raw almond butter
2 cups watermelon/orange juice
2 cups water
3 tbsp acai powder
1 cup water

Yeeeeeeee-HAH: the monumental date of 10-10-10 (Sunday, October 10th, 2010) has been declared "World Raw Food Day" :) In celebration of this event, raw foodies everywhere are invited, encouraged and welcomed to hold raw potlucks on that Sunday and to register their events on the homepage for this world-wide event at There are already many potlucks worldwide registered on the site for this "Raw Potluck Marathon" and the intention of the organisers is to reach at least 101010 people with this message...soooooOooOOOoooooo...get your potluck party prep hats on, dear friends and let's rock this raw party worldwide ;) All being well, Mr. M and I will be back in Ecuador by that date, so perhaps we'll have a 'welcome home' celebration party that day - we'll see how it unfolds...I hope lots of you join in these festivities too - more info at :)

All love,
Angelalalaalaaaaaaaa. xxx

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