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'Anastasia' Workshops - Create Your Space of Love :)

Anastasia Workshops
Oooooo, here's a very exciting special announcement from those uber-yumsters behind the 'Anastasia'/Ringing Cedars books. There's a series of weekend workshops coming up in the US, based around the teachings of Anastasia, led by Dr. Leonid Sharashkin (co-translator, editor & publisher of the English editions). YUMMMMMMMMMMM - wow, I really hope I get back to the US in time for one of these :)

The workshop team apparently just did a fabulously successful Australian tour and now these workshops are being offered for the first time in the USA. Here are the upcoming dates:

  • Feb 21/22 - Olympia, WA
  • Feb 28/Mar 1 - Ashland, OR
  • Mar 7/8 - Chicago, IL
  • Mar 14/15 - Woodstock, NY
  • Mar 21/22 - Santa Cruz, CA
  • Mar 28/29 - Santa Fe, NM
  • April 4/5 - Boulder, CO

    Each workshop is only open to 60 participants - eeeeeeeek - so I'd suggest getting in there quick if you'd like to play... Here's some of what's on offer, from their site HERE:

    Learn how to create your own 'Space of Love', help raise healthy and loving children, grow healing plants & vegetables, encoded just for your body and transform Earth into a truly magnificent 'Paradise Planet' in the process ;)

    The reading of Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars Series is filling millions of people worldwide with tremendous inspiration. These books awaken in us the primordial memory of who we are and what our life purpose really is. Yet making the transition to this new life and new awareness may seem like a formidable task - so far have we deviated from our own essence and from the natural forces that nurture us all.


    Just how do we make this transition to the brighter, happier, more fulfilling existence? How do we apply Anastasia's concepts to real life? How do we start the movement towards living to our full potential, while creating a genuine, living space of love around us? And how do we make the first steps towards establishing a family domain that will last forever?

    In these two-day workshops with Dr. Leonid Sharashkin, you will discover answers to these questions, and gain many unique insights on how to put Anastasia's vision into practice. The workshops are intensive, highly interactive, practical and great fun! If you've never heard Leonid speak (he usually gets standing ovations!) know that you are in for a real treat. Leonid is a delight to listen to and you cannot fail to come away from this workshop well-equipped and totally inspired to begin laying the foundations for a wonderful new life - for yourself and your family's future generations!

    What You'll Learn on Day 1 (Saturday 8:30am - 5:30pm)
    Session 1. Creating your Space of Love. The Meaning of the Space of Love.
    Session 2. Creating your Family Domain
    Session 3. Gardening the Anastasia Way - Spiritual Permaculture
    Session 4. Happiness is your Domain - Visualizing Reality the Anastasia Way

    Day 2 (Sunday 8:30am -5:30pm)
    Session 5. Creating Communities
    Session 6. Navigating Between the Time and Timeless
    Session 7. Children - Birth and Education
    Session 8. The Return of Anastasia

    This is your chance to meet like-minded others; to find and begin creating your own Space of Love; and to benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience of the delightful Dr. Leo!

    Click HERE to Learn More...

  • WOW...there you have it...I think this is a very exciting development for all of us interested in the information Anastasia shares...and I sincerely hope that I can make it back to the US for one of these workshops, so that Mr. M and I can apply what we learn to our own 'Kin's Domain' in Ecuador :) EXCITING...enjoy - and if you make it to one of these events, please let us know how it goes for you - we'd love to hear more...

    All love,
    Angellalalalalaaaaaa. xxx

    (P.S. - don't forget, today (Jan 23rd) is the 40TH Birthday of dear Raw Si*Star* Shazzie - another huge lover of Anastasia's message - if you haven't yet picked up any fabulous freebies from Shazzie's Birthday Bonanza Giveaway, you can do so HERE. You can also send her some big birthday love on her FaceBook profile HERE - I'm sure she'll appreciate that ;) Happy Birthday, love :)

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