Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Introducing: The RevitaLive Plan :)

OooOooOoooo, time for another EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT :)
I am delighted to say that our new 30–Day Raw Food Weight Loss Programme is now READY and live :)

For the last couple of months, myself, the Monarch and the Giannis have been working away excitedly in the background, piecing together a unique weight loss programme, which is delivered straight to your inbox every day by email.

We have pooled together all of our resources and the best tips we have to share, into a single, dynamic, effective programme, that we’re VERY excited to share...
It’s been named ‘The RevitaLive Plan’ and you see aallllllll the exciting details in full HERE.

Some of the issues that the program addresses include how to...

★ Release weight naturally using a system that has been proven.
★ Let go of unsupportive habits that hold you back from reaching your goals.
★ Eliminate food cravings for good.
★ Create simple yet powerful meals and snacks for weight loss and great health.
★ Satisfy your sweet tooth and still stay healthy.
★ Identify the right supplements for your weight loss and overall health.
★ Stick to your exercise plan.
★ Succeed with your meal plans.

★ Find motivation ALL the time, whenever you want.
★ Clear your mind from self-defeating chatter.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s on offer:

*Daily Emails – containing a ‘how to’ video on the topic of the day, plus suggested links, further reading/viewing and related products. Daily topics range from recipe demos and detox techniques to fitness guidance, top tips for handling cravings and much more– we cover a full range of vital concepts for a healthy lifestyle. Each video is around 5–10 minutes in length; easy to watch, practical, useful information – it’s like the next best thing to having us there in your house showing you how we live this lifestyle ;)

*Recipe and Meal Planners – we provide a full four–weeks of healthy, tasty recipes and meal plans. There are 2 plans to choose from – either totally raw or ‘Intermediate’ – you choose which plan to follow, or mix n’ match. (All recipes are courtesy of Solla, our dear Icelandic raw goddess, who was named as one of the top raw chefs of the year last year in the ‘Best of Raw 2008’ Awards :)

*Exercise Manual – access to an entire 250 page manual of tried and tested fitness routines from your ‘Personal Trainers’, Kevin and Annmarie Gianni, with every level from Beginners to Advanced.

*The Inner Circle’ online community – this is the place to connect with others who are following the RevitaLive programme or are simply interested in raw foods/healthy lifestyles. You have a FREE 30-Day trial of this supportive community, as part of the RevitaLive Programme.

*Full Instructions for an optional 1, 3 or 5 day juice cleanse mid–programme.

*60 minute in–depth interview with myself, on healing emotional eating patterns with a raw food lifestyle.

We wanted to make sure we keep the price for this programme affordable, so your investment for the whole 30–Day Programme is $67 – less than the cost of a bagel or cappuccino or raw chocolate bar per day ;) Everything is delivered to you online.
If you’d like to, you can also ‘upgrade’ your order, to receive PRINTED, hard–copy versions of some of the materials – the Recipe/Meal Planners, the Exercise Manual and the 60–minute Interview with me. The ‘upgrade’ package investment is $117.

This is not a ‘one–off’ event for 30 days – there is no specific start or finish date, which means you can start whenever you like and finish whenever you like, with the full support of the worldwide ‘Inner Circle’ community to tap into at all times, 24/7/365, for connections and guidance.
We are REALLY excited to share this simple, clear, dynamic info in a package that makes it super–easy for people to understand and start applying immediately. The choice of two menu plans also makes this more accessible for those who may be a little wary of eating totally raw – so, please pass this info and invitation along to anyone you think could use some extra sparkle and some solid guidance to permanently release any excess pounds...let's keep on edging raw food consciousness out into the 'mainstream' ;) Yeeeeeeeee-HAH :) (The programme also has a full money-back guarantee ;)
FUN :)
We hope you enjoy this new programme and adventure just as much as we’ve enjoyed piecing it all together...

All love,
Angela. xxx

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