Thursday, 1 January 2009

Into the New...

Happy 2009, beautiful people.
I hope you had a FANTASTIC launch into this delightful new year...we certainly had an eventful last day of the year, between packing up to leave Mexico, doing a lot of filming for projects, dealing with dog traumas, listening in to the prize announcements for the ‘Best of Raw 2008’ awards and ‘accidentally’ doing a live 2–hour online broadcast with the Monarch and the Giannis, it was a bit of a packed day and I ended up having about 2 hours sleep last night...
Well, we had a lot of fun though, especially during the live broadcast – thanks to all of you who came out to join in – it was so fun to play games, discuss goals/resolutions for the new year, do prize giveaways and so on... :)
MY resolution was to sing more and we got straight on it, with Mr. Gianni on guitar and all of us warbling along with some of our favourite tooooons. (If you missed this gathering, I believe you can view it HERE, although I believe the first 20 minutes or so accidentally didn’t get recorded. My favourite part starts around 1h 10mins into it, when we sing 'My Life' by The Beatles ;)

on December the 31st I had:

1 quart water
2 cups green juice: celery, cucumber, lettuces, radish, dandelion, lime, ginger
20 chlorella ‘nuts’
2 cups energy soup with kale chips, followed by a chunk of raw coconut ice cream
3 cups water
2 cups green juice: celery, cucumber, lettuces, radish, dandelion, lime, ginger
1.5 cups energy soup with kale chips, followed by a hand–made yumpot of hemp butter, carob powder, lucuma powder, stevia, cinnamon, maca, vanilla powders, water
mug of herbal tea
water of a young coconut
2 cups water

Mmmmmm, I’m excited to let you know that yesterday we also finally recorded a little video demo of how to make energy soup – which has been posted to – I know a LOT of you have been interested to see smthg along those lines, so you can check that out HERE if that would please you... ;)

Or perhaps you’d enjoy seeing Matt’s adventure at a San Diego Farmer’s Market, where he stumbled upon Julie and her ‘Born this Morn’ green smoothie company. Julie makes green smoothies and sells them at local markets – GREAT job, Julie :) – she also has plans to take them into schools and businesses – you can see that video HERE.

If you’d also like to meet our PUPPIES, there is a very sweet little video of them just posted to RenegadeHealth HERE. Mr. M has them with him back in the US now and we just keep on sending them love and love and love...

on January the 1st I had:

2 quarts water
20 chlorella ‘nuts’ and 2 tbsp Sproutein powder
lettuce wraps stuffed with avocado, cucumber, kelp/cayenne powder and shredded kale, followed by some freeze–dried jackfruit – yum ;)
3 cups water
2 tbsp greeeeeen powder
little bowl of raw cereal with macadamia ‘mylk’
1 quart water

I’m writing this post from Mexico City airport, amidst an epic 24 hour journey back to the UK...eeeeeeeeeek ;) It has been SUCH a blessing for Mr. M and I to be able to pass this last month in Mexico together (well, together about half the time anyway, as he came and went from the US)...Now it’s time to shimmy on back to Blighty though and visit those nice people at the American Embassy to see what happens next with my Fiancee Visa...we’re sincerely hoping to see the end of this process very soon...any bright blessings sent in the direction of that vision will be most gratefully received ;)
(P.S. a woman just gave a very sweet announcement over the loud speaker here at the airport in Mexico, in broken English that 'you will arrive at your destiny on time'...what a beautiful 'slip', I'll take that as a good sign ;)

See you on the other side ;)
Happy New Year galavantings to ye all...
One love,
Angelelelelalalalalallaalaaaaaaaaa. xxx

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