Sunday, 4 January 2009

Validating Your Divine Self... ;)

OOooOooooo, ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time again...raw food, detox and fitness plans seem to be kicking off all over the shot right now...there are many many different plans to follow – maybe you’d like to RawFu away any Holiday excesses with the lovely Bunny Berry's assistance, for example?

Or maybe you’ll be a Raw Diva with their new 7-day plan?

Jinjee and Storm have years of experience to share of course too, on a different 7-day plan HERE...

...or if you REALLY wanna go for it, then the first Global Juice Feast of this year just kicked off yesterday (Jan 3rd) and will run until Jan 31st. You can flow into that yumminess with the beautylicious Rainosheks HERE.
I'm sure there's plenty of other yummy detox plans kicking off too - maybe even some in your local area...???

Now, as for EXERCISE, as many people know, those lovely Boutenkos did a huge trek along the Pacific Coast Trail when they first went raw...if you’d like to follow a little in their footsteps (virtually at least ;) HERE is a cool site that was sent in by one reader - Steve - where you can ‘walk the Oregon Coast’ virtually ;) lol – love keep track of your biking/walking/exercising in your local area, then record it on the site, making simultaneous ‘virtual’ progress along the Oregon Coast track – nice motivational can also go on a walking tour of Italy on the same site if you prefer... You just enter the promo code ‘InStep2008’ to join in for free, apparently...

on January the 2nd I had:

4 quarts water
1 apple

on January the 3rd I had:

2 quarts water
mug of pau d’arco tea
40 chlorella ‘nuts’
double wheatgrass shot with ginger and lime juice
an apple with 3 tbsp Sproutein powder
1 quart water
1.5 cups energy soup with a flax cracker, followed by 2 tbsp goji berry powder
little mug of rooibus tea
2 cups water

Hmmmm, so, as for me, I haven’t been eating much the last few days, as you might have noticed. No, this is no intentional ‘detox’ plan... ;) The journey back from Mexico was simply pretty INTENSE – over 28 hours in transit in the end...and I seem to find that my appetite goes away after journeys like that...I sense it’s a combination of jet–lag, out–of–bodyness, sleep deprivation, messed up circadian rhythms, feeling puffed–up from planes, body wanting a break from digestion so that it can heal as fast as possible and so on...well, the result is: no interest in food, or at least very minimal…which is fine – interesting to observe...and I‘m grateful to feel more–or–less back in this body now, slowly grounding back down with some more foods, especially some healthy fats as it’s COLD here in the UK – eeeeeeeeeeek...who turned the heaters off while I was away...? lol ;)

on January the 4th I had:

1 quart water
little cup of rooibus tea
3 cups grrreeeeen juice: celery, cucumber, fennel, Jerusalem artichoke, ginger, lime
1.5 cups energy soup with flax crackers, followed by a little rammikin dish of hand–blended yum: carob powder, lucuma powder, cinnamon, maca, gojis, water
3 cups water
30 chlorella tabs
gorgeous little bowl of grawnola with carob/lucuma/macadamia nut ‘mylk’ – WOW :)
little mug of rooibus tea
2 cups water

Mmmmmmm, I wanted to share a really sweet short film with you today that was sent in by another reader – Shane. It’s called ‘Validation’, is abt 16 mins long, very heart–warming and has won a whole mantelpiece of awards already ;). You can watch it HERE:

All love,
Angealalalalalaaaaaa. xxx

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