Sunday, 8 March 2009

Raw Food Discounts, Contests and Yumminess :)

OoOoOoooooo lalalalaaaaaaa...that marvellous Mr. M is in a celebration frenzy right now about our visa process and if you didn’t already see, he has created a 17% OFF coupon code for his store, which you can use on ANY order between now and March 12th ;O
Just type in the code ‘VISA’ at the checkout on his store and you’ll get 17% OFF anything you order (cannot be used on appliances though ;)
Furthermore, he has wildly discounted tahini, peruvian olives and truly raw cashews – just type - fvsa - in the search field at the top right hand corner of to access all his latest deals...
…aaaaaaaaand if you don’t already receive Mr. M’s newsletters and would like to get in on these kinds of discounts and offers more regularly, you can sign up for his newsletter by filling in your email on the left side of the page at, where it says ‘Join the Mailing List’... :)

Happy Celebrations to us alllllllllll :)

on March the 6th I had:

1 quart water
2 cups green juice: celery, cucumber, endive, fennel, mixed sprouts, zucchini, ginger, lemon
2 cups energy soup with tahini and okra on the side
mug of spicy tea
1 quart water
2 cups green juice: celery, cucumber, endive, fennel, mixed sprouts, zucchini, ginger, lemon
3 cups hemp milk/cardamom/cinnamon drink with gojis soaking in it :)
1 cup water

Many of you have been asking about the hemp milk with cardamom/cinnamon drink I keep imbibing at the moment – I am in looooooove with this liquid :) I actually made a little video showing how to make it on The Raw Food World TV show recently – you can see that HERE if you didn’t catch it already... ENJOY :) Mmmmmmm...

on March the 7th I had:

1 quart water
2 cups greeeen juice: celery, cucumber, fennel, lettuce, ginger, lemon
3 cups hemp milk with cardamom/cinnamon and goji berries with a
little rammikin dish of raw carob cake
lashings of nettle tea
a cornucopia of raw potluck offerings: fresh fruits, chickpea (garbanzo) salad, carob cake, coconut cake, etc
3 cups water

Mr. Monarch has also ‘upped the ante’ BIG time on his current ‘Lucky 7’ giveaway contest...the prizes now include a dehydrator/rebounder/juicer, chlorella nuts, goji bars, jojoba oil and masses more – here are the details from the man himself:

WOW!!!! Thank you!!! I felt AMAZED that SOOOOOOOOOO many people already took part in this contest!!! I can sense the TRUE LOVE emanating throughout the air!!!... In fact, as I reflected on this outpouring of love, I felt moved to 'Up The Ante' on this contest and offer even more outstanding prizes :)

So now, not only are the winners going to be able to choose from the itty-bitty cute little food prizes from our last Newsletter, the TOP WINNER can also now choose between either a Needak Rebounder, a Breville Juice Fountain, or an Excalibur Dehydrator... WOW :) The 2nd & 3rd place lucky winners will also get to choose THREE items from this list below:

12 Goji Bars (Jake's Unbaked)

Vanilla Powder
Chlorella tablets

Spirulina tablets

Certified Organic Jojoba Oil (In a glass jar)

Green Earth's Living Clay (4-Pack!)

OR... You can take one of the following:

Vitamineral Green 4.0,
Sun Warrior Protein (Any Flavor)
Dr. Fred Bisci's Green Food

The 'Lucky 7' contest has now been extended all the way until April 7th.
This time around, you are requested to hand write your response out on paper and either fax it to
805-669-3117 OR scan it into a computer and email it to me by replying to this Newsletter, OR lastly mailing it to: Matt Monarch, 406 Bryant Circle, Unit E, Ojai, CA 93023, USA.

If you already sent an email for this contest, you can partake again and double your chances of winning by writing your answer out and sending it in.

Remember... in the hand written letter, tell us what you love about my and Angela's work... AND... Why you love 'The Raw Food World Store' - what keeps you shopping here?

There will still be SEVEN Winners. Three lucky people will get to choose from among the food prizes mentioned in the last Newsletter, PLUS the
above prizes. Additionally, these winners also have the option of me placing their letter in this Newsletter, with a link to your website/work, which will be seen by tens of thousands of people! If you place 4th - 7th, you will get to choose between the yummy foods from the last Newsletter and also have the chance to promote your work or selected link in our Newsletter! We look forward to seeing your entries...HAVE FUN!!

(...and remember, if you haven't shopped at TRFW store before, you could always tell us why you might like to shop there ;)

All love,
Angela. xxx

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