Thursday, 19 March 2009

Raw Food Fundraising and Fun in Seattle - Join Us :) has felt like a bubbling torrent of excitement and unfolding possibilities since getting my US visa on Tuesday ;) My cheeks ached from my perma-grin, my mind swoooons at where to focus my attention next, from moment-to-moment - garden planning, wedding details, plane tickets, travel plans and so on (time for my inner Virgo to shine, please ;)... and my heart swells from reading all the beautiful messages of congratulations and excitement pouring in - THANK YOOOUUUUU, everyone :))))
After 10 weeks of 'quiet' winter-time in England, spring is here and it feels like life is expanding in all directions at once :))))
We are SOOOOOOOO excited to see what unfolds from here :)))))
Some things are in fact already falling into place. Read on below for more info... ;)

on March the 18th I had:

1 quart water
mug of pau d’arco tea
3 cups greeeeeen juice: cucumber, celery, endive, fennel, zucchini, ginger, apple
3 cups hemp milk with cinnamon/cardamom
2 apples
mug of reishi/ginger tea with purple corn flapjacks
2 cups greeeeeen juice
a lovely shared meal at Manna including love burger, sandwich, pesto and coconut treat with ice cream :)
a few broccoli florets with pesto
3 cups various teas

Mr Monarch and I are delighted to announce that our first talks back in the USA will be in Seattle on April the 10th and 11th. :)

On the evening of April the 10th, we will be the keynote speakers for the Raw Network of Washington's 3rd Annual Gala Event. This special, 'black-tie', fundraising event runs from 6pm and features a delicious four-course gourmet raw meal, live music, a silent auction, live auction, and raffle, all with masses of raw food goodies on offer. The event is at the Columbia Tower Club's beautiful dining rooms, with panoramic, breathtaking views of the downtown Seattle skyline, Lake Washington, and Puget Sound.
This is a fantastic opportunity to get your shiniest dressing-up clothes on and get out to meet some other raw lightbeings, while helping to raise funds for the Raw Network of Washington's raw food education/support centre. NICE :) You can book tickets for the gala HERE (note - ticket numbers are limited for this event, so get in there quick if you wanna come play... ;)

The next day, on April the 11th, the Monarch and I shall be excitedly taking to the stage again for our first full-length sharings of the season...this time at Bastyr University.
Mr. M speaks first, from 11am, then after lunch I shall clear my throat and take to the platform around 2pm...we hope to see you at these events if you're able/willing/excited to come out and play :) Tickets for the talks on the 11th can be summoned from HERE.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-HAH - we are back in action ;)
...and if you are in the Seattle area and would LOVE to help promote these events with posters in the area, please contact the lovely Monika on monika (at) and she can co-ordinate with you about that - personally, I would especially be excited to see lots of university students at the lectures on the 11th, as we're speaking in an auditorium at Bastyr University - an ideal opportunity to spread the raw message to many young, vibrant, open minds, methinks :)

You can see ALL our upcoming events on Mr. M's site HERE and if you would love to help organise an event for us to speak at, in your area, just go HERE to drop us a line about that...

on March the 19th I had:

1 quart water
mug of ‘wild power’ tea
3 cups greeeen juice: cucumber, celery, endive, fennel, zucchini, ginger, apple
2 cups energy soup with okra and tahini
mug of spicy tea
3 cups water
mug of 'wild power' tea
2 cups greeeen juice: cucumber, celery, endive, fennel, zucchini, ginger, apple
an apple with 3 cups of cinnamon/cardamom hemp milk
mug of rooibos tea
1 cup water

Alright, last chance ladies and gents in the UK/Europe - I have 3 bags of our lovely chia seeds here that I can post out before I leave here, to anyone who would love to receive them ;)
They are £10 per bag (454g/1lb), plus p&p. I also have most of the books mentioned in THIS POST HERE too...if you'd love any of these yummy items, email me on angela (at), stating your preferences and postal address of choice and I shall don my postal hat for the last round of the season... ;)

With love, levity and a sidekick to the left,
Miss Stokes. xxx

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