Sunday, 1 March 2009

Will YOU be one of the 'Lucky 7'...? ;)

Hellllooooooooooooo dear people :) I am sorry to not have been more in communicado this last week – I was over in the south–west of England poking about in the countryside and sharing nice thoughts about seaweeds, sprouts and simplicity with yummy people at talks ;) I had a WONDERFUL trip, thanks so much to everyone who came out to play...I’m back in the south–east again now with seagulls and cliffs, admiring the first flowers of spring that seem to be popping up all over now – YAY :)
I’m also very excited to announce that I’ll be giving a talk in the Brighton area soon as well. On Thursday, March the 12th from 7pm I shall be donning my ‘speaker’ galoshes and cape at the lovely Manna raw café in Brighton. Hurrah :) You can see all the juicy details and reserve your place HERE on the Manna site – hope to see you there if you’re around...this will likely be my last talk here in the UK for quite a little while at least – my US visa interview is coming up very soon, soooooo, all being well I will finally have my wings back and can get back to my beloved in California...mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...breathing DEEP into that here... ;)

on February the 25th I had:

1 quart water
3 cups green smoothie: apple, ginger, parsley, kale
20 chlorella ‘nuts’
2 apples
2 cups energy soup with okra, flax crackers and tahini
mug of flowering tea
2 cups water
mug of ‘choco’ tea
chia/hemp seed milk pudding with cinnamon, goji berries and apple pieces, with lime/mint tea and extra hemp milk
3 cups water

on February the 26th I had:

1 quart water
mug of ‘throat comfort’ tea
2 cups greeeeeeeen smoothie with apple and blueberries
2 cups hemp milk with cardamom and cinnamon (YUMMMMM) with 2 apples on the side
2 cups energy soup with okra, crackers, tahini and almond butter
2 cups water
mug of ginger/lemon tea
2 cups greeeeen smoothie with a handful of gojis on the side
3 cups water

On the subject of my beloved Mr. Monarch, have you seen the contest he’s currently running through his newsletter? If you’re not subscribed to his amazing free newsletters, I’d definitely recommend signing up HERE – he sends out content–*packed* newsletters at least once a month at the moment, with articles, 'at cost' and 'below cost' deals, product reviews and more.
In his latest newsletter, he announced a fun ‘Lucky 7’ contest – here are the details if you’d love to play and didn’t hear abt this yet:

7 people are going to receive wonderful prizes. The winners get to choose two items from the first list below OR one item from the second list:
Contest Winners Choose two items:
Powerwrap (Any Flavor)
Raw Crunch Bar (Any Flavor)
Jake's Unbaked Goji Bar

Contest Winners Choose one item:
LoveForce Bar (Any Flavor)
Flax Crusts (Any Flavor)
Sesame Flax Crackers
Living Nutz (Any Flavor)
Gone Nuts (Any Flavor)

Here's how the contest works... reply HERE
, telling us what you love about Matt and Angela's work... AND... Why you love 'The Raw Food World Store' - what keeps you shopping here?

The top 7 lucky winners will get to choose from the above prizes. Just submit your entry by March 3rd... :)

As you can see, the closing date is March the 3rd, so get your entries in asap if you’d love to play ;) Send in your emails HERE and Mr. M will choose his favourite entries sooooooon. (...and if you've never shopped at our stores before, you could always tell us why you might like to shop there instead ;)

on February the 27th I had:

1 quart water
2 cups green juice: celery, parsley, apple, carrot, ginger, garlic
1 cup hemp milk with cardamom and cinnamon
luscious lunch of nori rolls and lettuce leaves stuffed with spicy sunflower seed spread, tahini and fresh greens, followed by a little handful of goji berries
3 cups water
3 apples and a little bowl of hand–mixed sweet yummm: carob powder, lucuma, maca, cinnamon, yacon, vanilla, water
mug of spicy tea
2 cups water

on February the 28th I had:

1 quart water
2 cups greeeeeen juice: celery, cucumber, landcress, parsley, kale, ginger, lime
30 chlorella ‘nuts’
an apple and a big bowl of cherrrrries :)
3 cups water
2 cups greeeeeen juice: celery, cucumber, landcress, parsley, kale, ginger, lime
2 cups energy soup made with leftover spread from yesterday, with okra and flax crackers on the side
little mug of spicy tea
2 cups water

Hmmmmm, I’m aware that some of you seem to be having issues with receiving/being able to read my blog posts...I have had messages saying that both the email delivery AND the main blog site seem to have been uncooperative at different points this week. I am very sorry to hear that and I’m not totally clear why that is or how to fix it yet at this point...I suspect that any changes with email delivery are due to the fact that the company that provides that service – Feedburner – were recently taken over by Google and maybe they are going through some ‘teething’ issues with switching over their systems...I am not sure yet and I do hope that any crumples in your reading pleasure are smoothed out soon ;)
Lemme know if you’re having trouble viewing these messages still and please do remember that it ought to be possible to go at any time to the blog site itself at and read my latest musings there... ;)
Meanwhile, in the raw blogging world, here are two other fun new developments to go and explore:

1. Masala – just launched by those cheeky chirpy yumsters at WeLikeItRaw, this new service aggregates together blog feeds from lots of inspiring raw food blogs onto one page, so that you can easily see what different raw foodies are up to with the sweep of an eye or mouse ball ;)

2. Also posted online this week was the ‘Top 50 Raw Food and Lifestyle Blogs’, a handy list of great raw resources, which you can see HERE.

How BLESSED we are to have access to all this inspiring raw flow...let’s keep on threading that message out there, brothers and si*stars*...

All love,
Miss Angela Stokes. xxx

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