Friday, 6 March 2009

Unfolding My Wings...

WELL, as many of you know, I went for my US Fiancee Visa interview in London yesterday. It seems that all is well and I will have a visa sooooooooooon, to get back to my beloved. There is one final hoop to hop through – a few more forms they would love to eyeball, then all being well, I will have visa in hand within the next couple of weeks and will be on my way back to Mr. M :) Yeeeeeeee–HAH :) We are very excited...and also extremely grateful for ALL the amazing love, positivity and support y'all have been sending us during the last few days of this process, which has been unfolding for the last 1.5 years now...I felt the flow of support very strongly on the day and it felt immensely nourishing, so thank you, everyone :) We love and appreciate you :)

on March the 4th I had:

1 quart water
mug of dandelion tea
3 cups greeeen juice: celery, cucumber, fennel, endive, landcress, kale, parsley, zucchini, ginger, apple
1 quart hemp milk with cinnamon/cardamom
2 tbsp bee pollen
3 cups greeeen juice: celery, cucumber, fennel, endive, kale, parsley, zucchini, ginger, apple
1 quart hemp milk with cinnamon/cardamom
40 chlorella ‘nuts’
3 cups greeeen juice: celery, cucumber, fennel, endive, kale, parsley, zucchini, ginger, apple
little packet of fresh jackfruit pods
2 cups water seems I’m still here in the UK for at least the next 10 days or so...if you’d love to come out to play and give me a ‘goodbye’ wave/hug/squeeze in person, I’ll be speaking next Thursday, March the 12th, at the delightful Manna raw café in Brighton, from 7pm – details HERE. As I mentioned before, this will most likely be my last talk in the UK for quite some time, all being well with visa adventures... ;) Hope to see you there if you’re around...

…and while we’re on UK–based news, I’m excited to say that I have more bags of chia here again, if anyone would love some. They are £10 per bag (1lb/454g), plus p&p. Email me on if you’d like to snap some up before the box is bare again ;)

I also have the following goodies here too, if you’d like any of these:

‘Raw Success’ by Matt Monarch - £10
‘Raw Spirit’ by Matt Monarch - £8
‘How to Go Raw for Weight Loss’ by Angela Stokes - £5
‘Revealing the Physical Changes’ by Angela Stokes - £5
‘A Juice Feaster’s Handbook’ by Angela Stokes - £5
DVDs of Mr. Monarch speaking at Ecopolitan - £5
'Become Younger' by Norman Walker - £5
'Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Juices' by Norman Walker - £5
‘Water Can Undermine Your Health’ by Norman Walker – £5
‘Raw Family’ by the Boutenkos – £7
‘Absolutely Abeba’s Edible Treats’ raw cracker recipe book - £5
'Raw Foods for Busy People' Book - £8
'Green Magic: Raw Foods for Busy People 2' Book - £9
‘Raw Food Made Easy’ by Jennifer Cornbleet – £12
‘Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen’ by Ani Phyo – £12
‘Raw Organic Cuisine in Ten Minutes’ DVD – Bryan Au – £10
‘Sprout Garden’ by Mark M. Braunstein – £9
'Raw Greek' by Gina Panayi - £10
'Fresh' by Sergei and Valya Boutenko - £12
'Raw Soul' recipe book - £10
'Detox Delights' by Shazzie - £5
Nut Milk Bags - £6 each

If you're unsure what any of these items are, you can see more about them on our store HERE...and just email me on to let me know if there are any goodies you'd love to add to your collection... ;)

on March the 5th I had:

1 quart water
mug of ‘passion’ tea
big handful of goji berries and 2 tbsp bee pollen
2 cups greeeeen juice with seed milk
a GORGEOUS whole little durian
3 cups water
2 cups greeeeen juice
a delicious shared meal at Manna, including rainbow salad w/pesto, nori roll, love burger, raw sandwich, followed by apricot/pecan pie, berry cheesecake and ice cream – WOW :)
2 cups water

OooOOooooo, I am excited to announce the blossoming of the new ‘RawFu’ magazine from dear Bunny Berry. WOW, check this beauty out...I am sure this is going to be a fabulous read...if you’re not familiar with Bunny’s work and site, she is a super–sweet, sassy, funny, yummy, lovely, raw food lightworker spreading this healing message and building community with love, passion and truth. She also has GREAT design skills and style, so I really look forward to seeing this magazine as it emerges...You can subscribe HERE. Check out the pin–up boy on the cover for April ;) Brother Philip looking suave and serene...oooohhhhhhh, what a blessed, beautiful family we have :)

Alllllll love and appreciation,
Stokes in England. xxx

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