Sunday, 22 March 2009

Raw Food Gardening - Grow Your Own :)

WELL, after the Equinox on Friday, it truly feels like Spring is here now :) LOVING IT :) It also happens to be Mother’s Day here in the UK today:

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mummas :)

In honour of all this, I feel it’s prime time to get out in the garden, give gratitude to Mumma Earth and get planting some food for the coming months – which is precisely what you can see me and my mum doing in today’s episode of ‘The Raw Food World TV ShowHERE.

on March the 20th I had:

1 quart water
mug of pau d’arco tea
2 cups greeeen juice: celery, cucumber, fennel, parsley, ginger, lemon
2 cups energy soup with okra and tahini
mug of spicy teaaaaaa
3 cups water
½ a delicious pineapple
3 cups hemp milk with cardamom/cinnamon
1 cup water

While we’re on the subject of gardening, I was absolutely DELIGHTED to receive news from a couple of readers this week that it seems Michelle Obama is indeed starting to grow food on the White House lawns :) :) :) How wonderful :)
Remember in this post HERE a few weeks back, I mentioned the 'Eat The View!' campaign from Roger Doiron, to encourage the Obamas to grow food at the White House? Well, it looks like it’s all falling into place, according to these newspaper reports:

Local schoolchildren have been helping Michelle plant over 55 varieties of veggies and fruits, all raised organically :)

Check out some of these quotes from the articles:

“There’s nothing really cooler,” Mrs. Obama said, “than coming to the White House and harvesting some of the vegetables and being in the kitchen...and actually experiencing the joys of your work.”

“You can begin in your own cupboard,” she said, “by eliminating processed food, trying to cook a meal a little more often, trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables.”

“Mrs. Obama led a cheer with the children, shouting, "Let's hear it for vegetables!" and "Let's hear it for fruits!"”

It really seems there is a raw-friendly lightworker in the White House :) Thank you, Michelle... May your garden flourish and spread inspiration far and wide :)

on March the 21st I had:

1 quart water
mug of pau d’arco tea
½ a pineapple
2 cups energy soup with okra and tahini
3 cups water
3 cups greeeeen juice: celery, cucumber, fennel, endive, parsley, ginger, apple
½ an apple with 3 cups of hemp milk w/cinnamon/cardamom
2 cups water

...and it seems the inspiration and joy of growing food is indeed spreading rapidly at the moment – check out another article sent in recently by one reader – Lynn:

You can read the whole article HERE. It’s an insightful and interesting look at the current movement to work with the land, in the wibbly economic climate :)
There are some very cool little stats in this article, such as:

* "The National Gardening Association estimates that a well-maintained vegetable garden yields a $500 average return per year. A study by Burpee Seeds claims that $50 spent on gardening supplies can multiply into $1,250 worth of produce annually."
* "Community gardens nationwide are also seeing a surge of interest. The waiting list at the 312-plot Long Beach Community Garden has nearly quadrupled -- and no one is leaving, said Lonnie Brundage, who runs the garden's membership list."
* "Seed companies say this renaissance has rescued their vegetable business after years of drooping sales. Orders for vegetable seeds have skyrocketed, while orders for ornamental flowers are flat or down... Harris Seed's Web site now gets 40,000 hits a day."

WOW :) I am SOOOOOOOOOO thrilled to see all these amaazzzzzing shifts...we truly are SO blessed :)

Well, I hope this has given you some inspiration to get out there and get planting, if you haven’t got anything in the soil yet this year ;)
All love,
Miss Stokes. xxx

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