Sunday, 18 November 2007

Coastal Life...

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO excited…we've moved into our own place :))) There has been so very much movement and travelling in our lives recently and I was feeling completely ready to break up that pattern. Today we did it. We just moved into our own little flat on the east coast of Australia and it is absolutely WONDERFUL – I am just wiggling with excitement here…it was totally gifted to us from the universe – a serene, quiet hill-side setting with sweeping views over forests down to the ocean, a gorgeous garden (with a HUGE compost ;), uber-kind and friendly landlords and there was even a juicer waiting in the kitchen for us as we arrived ;O The kitchen window is like an observation tank at a zoo – it overlooks a trickling waterfall pond, where ‘water dragons’ bask magnificently in the sunshine. Many of these large lizard-like creatures live here – I counted 6 sitting out there at one point this afternoon – and they seem to be aware that we are behind glass and not there to trouble them…in fact, perhaps from their perspective they think they’re watching US in a ‘human zoo’ ;) I am just so thrilled to STOP somewhere for the next couple of months and get on with writing my book – yeeeeeeeeeeeee-HAH ;)

on November the 18th I had:

1 quart water
1 medium papaya
2.5 cups celery/cucumber/parsley/spinach/carrot juice
1 cup water
bowl of soaked mulberries blended with pistachios
2 cups water
3 cups cucumber/carrot/parsley/romaine juice
2 black sapotes
bowl of sea spaghetti covered with a mixture of avo mushed with spinach hummus, alfalfa, chopped tomatoes and Celtic sea salt, with baby spinach, sunflower greens, cilantro and sliced cucumbers on the side
3 cups water

SO many of you have written to ask ‘WHAT IS SEA SPAGHETTI…???’ Hmmm, I’m sorry it’s taken a while to answer this…
WELL…the sea spaghetti I’ve been eating in the last few months is, without question, one of my absolute FAVOURITE raw foods. It is a seaweed that seems to grow mainly around the shores of western Europe. It is completely phenomenal – have you tried it…? It’s LITERALLY like eating pasta…and forget sloppy stringy spiralised raw zucchini ‘pasta’ – THIS stuff is the real deal – it’s like al dente linguini – flat, long strips of chewy, soft, salty, ‘meaty’, nutrient-packed YUM. Sea spaghetti is rich in absorbable iron, potassium and vitamin c. The Latin name for this seaweed is Himanthalia Elongata and it’s also sometimes known as ‘Thongweed’ in English. Although it only really seems to grow in the oceans around western Europe, we have magic-ed some importing wizardry and now have this outrageously yummy product for sale in North America :) WOW (: This is, as far as we know, an exclusive – no-one else seems to sell sea spaghetti beyond Europe, so, I’m very excited that we now have it in the RawReform Store. I eat seaweeds almost daily – it’s SO key for getting plenty of minerals into your body - and this is easily one of the best I’ve ever tasted. You can soak it for just 30 mins and it’s ready to munch, I prefer to soak it overnight though – that way it seems to feel more easily digestible. You only need to use a small amount, as it’s SO dense and filling and expands a lot during soaking. After soaking, you can literally just eat it as it is, it’s SO delicious…OR make a sauce to pour over it…I like to just mix it up with something like pumpkin seed butter, Celtic sea salt, cumin powder and hemp seeds for example…yummmmmmm…then today we made a ‘sauce’ of mashed avo with alive hummus, chopped tomatoes and sprouts and stirred that in…you can create dishes that LITERALLY taste like the cooked pasta dishes you may be missing and craving – yet are SO much more nourishing for you – WOW :) Hmmm...I think I could rave on about sea spaghetti for a few more pages yet - I'll just let you go and see more about it for yourself though HERE and maybe even order some to try and... ENJOOOOOOOOOOY :)

One love,
Angela. xxx


  1. ahhh you've moved to australia! that is soooo awesome you're going to love every bit of it. where are you living? i'm very into the idea of making raw big in australia so i hope to meet up with you sometime. one of my friends just finished training as a raw chef in nyc and is starting a raw business in melbourne. plus i'm working on an ecovillage... oz is the place to be!
    be well, peace

  2. Ohhh that is FANTASTIC!
    it's so sweet that you have found somwhere to be with each other.

    Smiles all around : )

    My boyfriend told me last night that he would like to live with me in a cottage in the woods - so I hope that we will also find our ideal place.

    Take care - and have fun with the book writing.


  3. thankyou for the chia recipes they are i need to get someone to sell them in the uk as i am getting through the ones i bought you fast!
    also loved the banana bread recipe too - made one to dehydrate also and it was justa as good..guess this means i am a hardcore raw person then

    love shine