Wednesday, 28 November 2007

THAT'S Entertainment...

This morning smthg arrived in my inbox that left me sobbing uncontrollably with joy and appreciation. It was a video link to a ‘talent show’ in the UK, featuring a guy called Paul Potts. Paul is a very gentle, unassuming, sincere young man from Wales. He is a phone salesman. He was bullied as a child and says he ‘never understood why’. He also says his voice was always his best friend…just watch the clip and you’ll see why…this quiet, introverted ‘underdog’ opens his heart and his mouth and sings opera with extraordinary passion and a voice comparable to any world class tenor. It is simply awe-inspiring to see. As I listen to him sing, I sense pure spirit working through him – he seems to be absolutely in flow as he sings…for me it is so beautiful to see someone who has clearly experienced a great deal of confidence issues in his life shine so magnificently and truly – no ego glory, just a direct and sweeeeet connection to the divine core in himself and all of us - the audience and judges are greatly moved and me…? I’m shaking with tears, blown away by the beauty of his sharing...seeing him reminds me that we are ALL illuminated from within with that divine spark of glory that connects us to the infinite…so few people seem to open up their light and let it shine…and in this video, Paul Potts does just that…whatever perceptions people may have of him from the outside, the glory within this man shines here with absolute clarity. I have no idea what is happening with this talent programme in the UK…so perhaps he’s a household name there already and I’m months behind in receiving this video…in any event, this man is a beacon of light in my eyes and I’d love for you to see him sing – you can see the clip here:

on November the 27th I had:

1 quart water
1 cup fresh orange juice
1 small custard apple
3 cups romaine/sunflower greens/zucchini/cucumber/carrot juice
2 pieces of magic raw pizza from Mr Monarch – base of soaked buckwheat blended with coconut flour. Topping of avo mashed with sundried hummus and fresh chopped tomatoes, powdered with coconut flour and pieces of sundried tomato
3 cups water
½ a ‘rollinia’ fruit, ½ a tiny red-fleshed papaya, 1 big juicy mango and a yummy medium-sized papaya
2 cups water
2 cups cucumber/sunflower greens/carrot juice
nori wraps with curry hummus, followed by Ulimanamana chocolate balls = *danger*danger* cracao-ed and dangerous raw woman… ;)
2 cups water

OOoooooOoOoOoooo, yesterday we visited ‘Tropical Fruit World’…yeeeeeeeeee-HAH :) This is a little bit like a kind of fruit ‘Disneyland’…yet look beyond the slick pre-packaged tourism tracks and you’ll find a farm that has been growing fruits since 1908, is about 80% organic and sports a greatly knowledgeable and friendly staff. We tried a few different things, my favourite of which by FAAAAAAAAR was the ‘rollinia’ fruit…we apparently got THE last fruit of the season and it was definitely worth it…WOW…this fruit LITERALLY tastes like lemon meringue pie…UN.BEL.IEV.ABLE…we’d never tasted anything like it…we would have bought cases of the things if they’d had anymore…

on November the 28th I had:

1 quart water
1.2 quarts watermelon/orange juice
bowl of papaya flesh with lime juice
bowl of avo mushed up with lime juice and Celtic seasalt, wrapped in nori rolls, with Mexican powersticks on the side
2 cups water
2.5 cups spinach/parsley/cucumber/carrot/ginger juice
1 mango and 3 durian pods
3 cups green smoothie: peach/banana/romaine/dandelion/clover/spirulina with a diced apple and half a handful of sultanas for chewability
3 cups water

Hmmmm...and while we’re on the topic of ‘Disneyland-like' places, I stumbled on a very eye-opening article on the Freshtopia Vlog recently. Apparently the ‘It’s a Small World’ ride at Disneyland has been closed for re-fitting, as the boats are frequently getting ‘grounded’ under the weight of their passengers. Yes, obesity has become so common place amongst Americans that the boats can no longer bear the passenger loads and the ride is being re-fitted to reflect the changes…WOW…you can read the whole mind-boggling exploration into an apparently ‘not-so-small-world’ HERE:

One love,
Angela. xxx


  1. Thanks for the nod, Angela!
    You are an amazing inspiration and I love your work.
    BTW, one of my friends has a home-made Paul Potts t-shirt because he was so touched by Paul's story and voice!
    Keep on shining!

  2. Hi Angela,

    You'll be happy to know that one of the judges, Simon Cowell from the U.S. television show American Idol, (who was a guest judge on the UK panel), signed Paul Potts to a million dollar recording contract. Paul's cd, "One Chance" was recently released.

    p.s. A path to discovering you today for the first time: Brendan Braziers (vegan triathlete) website - Tim Van Orden's RunningRaw website - Revvell's interviews - Angela Stokes!


  3. Thanks for these two stories (the opera singer and the Disneyland ride info). Really interesting. I'm going to pass them along on my blog.