Sunday, 11 November 2007

Flax Crackers; my Bridge into 100% Raw...

I was very excited to receive this piece of news recently from Iceland:

November 09 | First Compost Station Opens in Iceland
The first compost station in Iceland, located at Gránumóar near Saudárkrókur in northwest Iceland, was formally opened yesterday after two years of preparations.

WOW. As perhaps you’re aware, composting is a passion of mine…and this news is especially exciting for me, as I used to live in Iceland, on-and-off for 3.5 years, during which time I often tried to encourage more composting and get involved in promoting more Agenda 21 work…in a country with absurd soil erosion issues, it baffled me entirely that no-one seemed to compost…so, I am absolutely delighted to read this news that an actual Compost STATION has now been created there…I guess maybe municipal compost collections will start then to gather up people’s leftovers – NICE :)

On November the 10th I had:

3 cups water
2 cups watermelon/orange juice
1lb cherries
bowl of soaked dried mulberries blended with hemp seeds
1 quart water
3 cups parsley/spinach/lettuce/arugula/carrot juice
bowl of avo mushed with dill hummus, alfalfa, mung sprouts and Celtic sea salt, stuffed in nori sheets
3 cups water
slice of DIVINE raw cheesecake and a little raw chocolate ball
3 cups water

Last night we spoke to a delightful audience here in Sydney. We were extremely blessed to have the lovely Julie of Conscious Choice present, catering the event with her outstanding cakes and truffles. WOW. Now, Matt and I travel all over the world trying different raw foods – and I can truly say I don’t recall seeing such beautifully presented desserts anywhere else…apparently, Julie is an ex-pastry chef and it definitely shows…her creations are outstanding…and made with SO much love by this gentle, happy soul – YUMMY :)

on November the 11th I had:

3 cups water
3 big chunks of watermelon
1 paw-paw
bowl of avo mushed with sundried tomato hummus, alfalfa, mung sprouts and Celtic sea salt, stuffed in nori sheets, with a pack of Mexican power sticks
2 cups water
3 cups parsley/lettuce/spinach/carrot/arugula/chard juice
bowl of soaked dried mulberries blended with hemp seeds
3 cups water
2 mangoes and a handful of cherries
2 cups water

OOoooooOOoooo, we’ve been just LOVING the alive hummus packs from Matter of Flax (as you can probably tell – we’ve been eating them almost every day for the last few days ;) We just added the spinach and dill flavours to the RawReform Store – both feel very gently yummy to me – I enjoy the dill especially ;) I am TOTALLY loving the new Mineral-Rich Flax Crackers too, which we also just added to the site. Mr Monarch brought lots of random raw food yum out here with him and these crackers are just outstanding. They’re so thick that you can easily use them as a pizza base and feature the most delicious combination of pumpkin, sesame and flax seeds with dulse – it’s extraordinary – I can’t actually really work out in fact HOW they managed to end up tasting so great, as the ingredients are really simple…just the technique and the love in the product I guess ;) I have a particular soft spot for flax crackers – as many of you know, my final ‘hurdle’ of the cooked food world was rice cakes… I was on about a packet of rice cakes a day at the end of my cooked food eating…I was thoroughly addicted…then one day I thought to myself ‘why do I keep eating these things? They taste like cardboard…I could be eating flax crackers instead…’ …and so I did…I laid down the packet of rice cakes once and for all and flax crackers became my bridge to a healthier, 100% raw life :) They became my truly healthy alternative to bread. That was about 2.5 years ago now…and while it is of course very easy to make flax crackers, I also love to try other people’s and these 'Mineral-Rich' creations are highly recommended…you can see more about them on the RawReform Store HERE.

Enjoy :)
One love,
Angela. xxx


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