Thursday, 15 November 2007

Inspiration and Synchronicities Abounding...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, what a YUMMY day it’s been…we rose early, packed up and set off for the wholesale organic markets in Sydney – yumyumyum – baby spinach by the box-load, huge juicy red organic watermelons, marvellous mangoes by the case and so on…then we drove across country with a friend for most of the day. It felt GREAT to me to get out of the city and see more of the countryside – breathing deep, noticing the differences in the look of the forests here, dozing in and out of sleep to unfolding scenes of beautiful lakes, forests, hills, farmlands and more… We arrived in Coff’s Harbour on the east coast in the early evening, where we met our delightful hosts for the evening – two youthful brothers of 19 and 21 whose commitment to sustainable (raw) lifestyles I find simply staggering. At the ages of 14 and 12 these guys apparently decided to go raw and did so, much to the astonishment of all around them. Now they are both studying to become alternative health practitioners, have bought a lovely plot of land here that they have started to farm and are working on a property there to open as a retreat centre. The integrity, skill, genuine love and care for all life around them is so clear in these guys. I find it so inspiring and such a blessing to share with them for a while on this land they are caretaking. Rarely have I met ANYONE in the raw foods movement so committed, clear and passionate about their vision – and to witness that in two healthy young guys who have many potential decades yet to share their blessings in this area, is just beautiful to me…

On November the 15th I had:

1 quart water
3 big chunks of watermelon
2 mangoes
little bowl of soaked mulberries blended with hemp seeds
2 cups water
1 big chunk of watermelon
1 pint celery/spinach/carrot/ginger/parsley juice
1 avocado, box of baby spinach and a little handful of macadamias
1.5 quarts water

The speed of ‘synchronicities’ and manifestations here in Australia seems quite phenomenally rapid to me at the moment :) I love it. I am very accustomed to experiencing a great deal of flow in my life and that things manifest after I have set my clear intentions – here, it just all seems to be at an ultra-rapid pace for me :) It’s so much fun and I’ve been really appreciating it…it seems as if there’s something about the people, the culture, the energy here that feels pretty ‘grounding’ to me – a real ‘down-to-earthness’ that I maybe haven’t had as much contact with recently and it feels to me as if that really contributes in some way to the rapid-fire synchronicities – as if there’s somehow less ‘surface stuff’ to cut through and more immediate alignment…nice ;)

on November the 16th I had:

1 quart water
small piece of pineapple
huge piece of watermelon
bowl of soaked mulberries blended with hemp seeds
3 cups water
little bag of cherries
½ a papaya and a mango
handful of macadamia nuts, 5 romaine leaves
bowl of mango/cucumber/tomato/cilantro/spinach salad, with extra spinach ;)
1 quart water

I didn’t have any veggie juice today…hmmmmm…not sure the last time THAT happened…I miss the greens sooooo much on days like this when all is travel…I feel in some ways ‘closer to nature’ of course, just eating simple whole foods, no food prep whatsoever – and yet it also feels a little ‘imbalanced’ to me too, to have so few greens in the space of a day…well, one day at a time…very soon we will be settled in our own new place and the veggie juices will be flowing in abundance again ;) Yeeeeeeeeeee-HAH ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx


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