Friday, 9 November 2007

Intense Times...

So I’ve been learning some fascinating things since arriving in Aus…I was not aware that this country is amidst a severe water shortage. The consequences of course are manymanymany-fold…one of them being that crops are ‘failing’. Grains in particular are being affected – the wheat and barley crops have been particularly small…consequently, people worldwide are seemingly feeling great concern that there is ‘not enough’ grain to go round and it was just announced that Japan for example - who apparently import 90% of their food supply – are using national emergency funds to purchase grain from wherever they can… :O This fascinates me…it seems to me that we started cultivating grains, by-passed the food chain, started feeding grains to other animals and basically got ourselves thoroughly addicted to the stuff and wrapped up in a perversely resource-intensive, apparent dependency on grains…and now when that grain supply seems to be dwindling, humans are freaking out…when in truth, we could all be eating straight from the earth and growing our own food supplies quite easily, if that is what we choose…(in this country it seems that might require vastly re-structured water management systems…and perhaps the situation is ‘beyond redemption’ by now… and yet…there is always a choice…)
My friends tell me that farmers here are being offered $150,000 to walk away from their land, as there is no water to sustain the farms. Of much greater concern to me than the grain crops, I was saddened to hear that entire fruit orchards are being levelled, as there is no water to feed the trees…wow…intense times…

On November the 8th I had:

1 quart water
1.5 cups green smoothie – banana, mango, kale, flax
1 apple
1 pint celery/spinach/carrot/cucumber juice
bowl of mulberries blended with hemp seed
1 pint romaine/carrot/cucumber/dandelion/parsley juice
bowl of avo mashed with sundried tomato Alive hummus, stirred with pieces of fresh tomato and dulse, served with flax crackers and nori – yummmmmmm :)
3 cups water

November the 9th sees the new moon in Scorpio… Here’s a little of what master astrologer Lisa Dale Miller of has to share on the matter:

“So everyone, what broken down, unhealthy aspects of your life are you ready to release? The New Moon in Scorpio is the perfect a time to put muscle behind an intention to transform cognitive and emotional distortions, especially those that bring suffering to yourself and to others. So take a deep breath, muster up some courage, and gracefully greet this New Moon in Scorpio. This is the premier night to open your eyes to your own self-doubt, insecurities, negativities and self-delusions, and through clear comprehension, transform these negative states of mind into positive intentions for liberation, and internal and external change. Scorpio is the sign that seeks deep truth in all things.
The New Moon in Scorpio is the night to acknowledge the ways this questioning process manifests in your life. This is the most serious New Moon of the year. Saturn rules fear, so look at your fear; where it comes from, what makes it worse and what eases it. This is the optimal night to face your fear head on and make a commitment to letting go of unhealthy and tortuous relationships, jobs, behavior, and habits. A New Moon in Scorpio shows you the truth, shows you your vulnerabilities, and your powerlessness. But it also gives you the strength to let go of destructive behavior patterns, make changes, and learn to be powerful in a positive life-supporting way."

I for one am CERTAINLY feeling the power of this moon. It feels very strong to me and the ‘veils of reality’ seem extremely thin and supple right now… To read Lisa’s description of this new moon in full, see HERE.

on November the 9th I had:

1 quart water
1 quart watermelon/orange juice
2.5 cups celery/mint/carrot/pineapple/ginger juice
1 mango
bowl of mulberries blended with hemp seed
2 cups water
1 pint banana/mango/cilantro/lettuce green smoothie
little bowl of avo mushed with spinach Alive hummus, stirred with pieces of fresh tomato, served with flax crackers and nori
1 quart water

We speak tomorrow night from 6pm at the Intuitive Well in Sydney – details HERE:
The event is catered by the delightful Julie of Conscious Choice – there will be incredible gourmet raw cakes and treats on offer…

Hope to see you there if you’re in the area ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx


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