Sunday, 4 November 2007

Raw 'Fast Food' ;)

Ok…so…I’m still on the same continent…lol ;) Though not for much longer – tomorrow I truly truly am destined to depart for OZ…in the meantime, I shall take this opportunity to answer a few of your food related queries

Where do you get maca and in what form?
You can get maca powder from the RawReform store, HERE.

When you write ‘avo’, do you mean avocados?
YES :)

How do you integrate raw cacao nibs into recipes?
Hmmmm, well, I usually grind nibs up first in a coffee grinder before using them – they seem a bit too harsh to me otherwise…then, once I have them as a powder, I just throw them in any recipe – for example, they’d go just fine in ANY of those chia recipes on the Chia Cheat Sheet I posted a couple of days back…or you might mix the powder with coconut butter and agave/raw honey for some yummy raw chocolate, throw it in a food processor with any mixture of dried fruit and nuts/seeds to make ‘cacao bliss balls’ and so on…you may also want to take a look at the book ‘Naked Chocolate’ by the cacao King and Queen themselves – you can see that HERE… ;)

On November the 3rd I had:

2.5 cups water
1.5 cups warm water with lemon juice
1 quart cilantro/celery/radish/ginseng/dill/apple/carrot juice
bowl of kale/hemp ‘tabbouleh’ with nori sheets and fresh homemade flax crackers
2 cups water
1 quart celery/radish/romaine/ginger/carrot/parsley juice
bowl of durian blended with banana, cinnamon, ¼ vanilla pod, swirled with ground almonds and raisins
2 cups water

Hmmmmm…that ‘Tabbouleh’ was interesting…it just kind of made itself…I had no conscious intention of making such a dish…it was yummy though :) I started by blending a little box of cherry tomatoes with a clove of garlic, a few sundried tomatoes, a pinch of Celtic sea salt and a dash of olive oil. Then I cut down a head of kale really really finely and left it to marinate overnight in the tomato/garlic mix. The next day I soaked some ‘sweet kelp’ seaweed pieces and later added them to the kale mixture. I made up a little bowl of one of my favourite things – hemp seeds mixed with flax oil and a pinch of Celtic seasalt. I then mixed that all in with the kale bowl too. The result was a bowl of tiny pieces of green, white and red yummmm…which I ate stuffed in nori sheets or atop fresh flax crackers. WOW, I ate vegetables again for the first time in weeks – I feel like such an ‘adult’ ;) I made my crackers by mixing together the pulp left over from juicing (mainly using the carrot pulp rather than the green bits), whole flax seed, soaked/sliced sundried tomatoes, plus their soak water, a pinch of Celtic seasalt and a little extra water to bind it all.

on November the 4th I had:

3 cups water
1 ‘Asian’ pear
1 quart celery/romaine/radish/carrot juice
bowl of durian blended with banana, cinnamon, ¼ vanilla pod, swirled with hemp seeds and raisins
2 cups water
2 persimmons
1 quart celery/romaine/ginger/radish/carrot juice
bowl of kale salad leftovers mixed in with one mushed avocado, stuffed in nori wraps
2 cups water

If you’d rather try some raw savouries that someone else has already made, I would highly HIGHLY recommend two of the products recently added to the snack section of our online store…the raw ‘no bean’ hummus mixes and flax crackers from ‘A Matter of Flax’ are some of my favourite raw pre-packaged goodies… ;) If you’ve had the pleasure to meet the owners of this business at expos and health fairs (like me), you’ll know what sweeeeet people Mike and his family are…shiny eyed, open-hearted and abundant with tasty raw products…the dry-mix hummus packs they make are a fantastic niche product. They contain a dry blend of different ground seeds, herbs, spices and so on, which you can then simply add water to, to make into a sauce, dip, soup-base or whatever you like. Their flavours are so beautifully balanced – you can feel the love that’s gone into developing these ‘raw fast foods’ ;) My favourite is the Sundried Tomato hummus pack. They also make an accompanying line of delicious flax crackers with similar taste themes – like Italian, East Indian, Herb Garden and Mexican (which is my favourite)…you can see all of their different raw, organic products that we have on offer in the RawReform Store HERE:

Ok, now I really AM off to see the wizard… ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx


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