Monday, 26 November 2007

Raw Community Building...

Here is a FANTASTIC opportunity for anyone looking for a wonderful place to live in raw community in California. Our ex-housemates are seeking new tenants in a vibrant, loving raw household with magnificent views in Ojai, California…the current yummies who live there have put together a flyer detailing the whole deal, so I’ll let you go and read that if you’re interested – HERE – or pass it along to anyone else who you think might like to know… ;)

on November the 25th I had:

1 quart water
3 cups watermelon/orange juice
2.5 cups celeriac/spinach/sprouts/tatsoi/cucumber/carrot juice
1 custard apple
big bowl of black sapote blended with Reed Avocado, sprouts and 3 dried figs, swirled with goji berries
3 cups water
1 quart cucumber/sunflower greens/romaine/dill/parsley/carrot juice
1 quart water
bowl of black sapote blended with banana and dried figs, swirled with sliced dried apricots
3 cups water

a’ight, listen up Aussie kids, we’ve got an announcement for y’all today – we’ve just confirmed that we’ll be speaking in Brisbane rather soon. On Saturday December the 8th we’ll be speaking at Ahimsa House from 1-5pm. The event is being organised by the gracious Raw Pleasure and more details can be seen HERE – we hope to see you there if you’re in the area ;)

on November the 26th I had:

1 quart water
2 cups celeriac/cucumber/dill/parsley/sunflower greens/romaine/carrot juice
½ a big gorgeous sweet watermelon
little bowl of soaked gojis blended with pine nuts, with extra gojis swirled in for chewability – yummmmmmmmmmmmm
3 cups water
2 cups celeriac/cucumber/dill/parsley/sunflower greens/carrot juice
2 cups green smoothie: peach/mango/banana/spirulina/romaine/sprouts/sunflower greens, swirled with mulberry pieces for chewyness
2 cups water
bowl of raw cake filling: black sapote blended with avocado, dried figs, cinnamon and coconut flour
2 cups water

Have you been loving the Raw Summit 2? I HAVE :) I barely heard any of the first Raw Summit due to a fast-paced lifestyle at that time – now I’m listening in every day – yummy :) Some of my highlights so far were hearing Rod Rotondi of Leaf Cuisine speaking about how they don’t have ‘trash’ at the Leaf restaurants – just one pile for recycling and one for compost :O GO ROD :) I love it… It was great for me to hear Annie Jubb share her experience – I’d never heard her speak before at all and she seems to have a great deal of grounded, loving guidance to share. Go raw women speakers ;)
I was also really happy to hear Sergei Boutenko speak about the Boutenko family’s trek along the Pacific Coast Trail when he was about 13. That journey is described in Raw Family, the Boutenko’s book which helped me shift the track of my life 5 years ago…I’ve never heard any of them SPEAK about the trek though…it was SO beautiful to me to hear Sergei talk about how he started out thinking it would be desperately dull and packing his Gameboy, to absolutely revelling in the experience, eating 70% foraged foods and now sharing his foraging skills with others all over the world :) Hmmmm…I would love to do a pilgrimage at some point…
In the meantime, if you’re not tuned into the Summit yet, it’s totally free to listen in and you can sign up HERE:

Still to air are Tim Van Orden, Ani Phyo, Mike Nash, Joel Fuhrman, Debbie Merrill and the good Drs. Clement – great line-up ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx


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