Saturday, 17 November 2007

How blessed we are...

Have you been listening to the Raw Summit 2? I really enjoyed listening to Michael Beckwith yesterday – he seems like a really sweet man – my favourite part was when he described how he likes to communicate with people who may seem like they are at the start of their spiritual journey – he equated it to seeing them like a child who is learning to ride a bike, with training wheels – it’s unlikely one would jeer at such a child for not already using a standard bike – in the same way, it seems less-than-generous to judge those who may not seem to be at the same space as you/others on their spiritual path – give them love, support, encouragement and the whole is served with much more kindness…lovely :) If you have not yet signed up for the second Summit, you can do so HERE:

On November the 16th I had:

1 quart water
3 cups parsley/spinach/lettuce/romaine/carrot/sprouts/wild greens juice
3 cups banana/wild greens smoothie
big chunk of gorgeous watermelon
bowl of soaked dried apricots blended with hemp seeds
1 quart water
1 avo mushed with chopped cilantro, lime juice, Celtic sea salt and dulse, stuffed in nori with sliced tomatoes, sliced cucumber, sunflower greens and spinach
2 cups rooibos tea
1 quart water

I’ve been intending to share this picture/tip for quite some time now…well, here we are - a delightful little idea for eating watermelon, that I picked up from a woman in Asheville, NC… Rather than slicing a chunk of a melon off completely and exposing a large section of it to the air to oxidise, instead, cut a hole in the side of the melon, like a kind of hatch (see picture) and then use a spoon/ice cream scoop/similar to scoop out as much melon as you want at a time, before setting the ‘hatch’ back in place…it’s very clever and works really well I find…enjoy ;)

on November the 17th I had:

1.5 quarts water
half a medium sized watermelon
bowl of YUMMY green smoothie – mango/banana/sunflower greens/spinach/lettuce, swirled with goji berries for chewability ;)
bowl of mulberries blended with macadamia nuts
3 cups water
½ a papaya and 1 black sapote
big handful of cherries
2 cups water
avo mushed with chopped cilantro, lime juice, Celtic sea salt and dulse, stuffed in nori with sliced tomatoes, sliced cucumber, sunflower greens and spinach
chunk of pineapple
3 cups water

Guess WHAT? This is the 250th Post on this e-journal ;O WOW…what a journey we’ve come on…it was almost exactly a year ago now that I posted the first blog entry here – on November the 19th 2006, to be precise – you can check that first post out HERE if you weren’t around way back then ;)
I started this e-journal at the beginning of my 92-Day Juice Feast…I’d just arrived days before to Costa Rica, had no juicer and had never written a blog before, yet it all flowed into place and I came to LOVE this medium of communication – it feels like writing an email to the world, to me…and so, looooong after the Feasting ceased, the writing still continues…and here we are today, 250 posts in…mmmmm…thanks for sharing in this journey that has taken us from Costa Rica to Australia with countless stops on the way, from liquids to solids back-and-forth and through engagement announcements, visa traumas and all manner of yummy daily recipe run-downs in-between… ;) It’s been a pleasure…and here’s to another 250 posts of ext-RAW-dinary adventures ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx


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