Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Epic Raw Plane Journeys...

Sooo…I am finally arrive-ed in Sydney :) HELLOOOOOO Australia :)))
Yeeeeeeee-HAH…25 hours of travel and a shocking number of time zones later, here I am…and I am very grateful to have arrived. My gracious hosts from Sydney raw food group ‘Gifts From Gaia’ came to meet me and took me on a quick tour to see the beautiful beaches and hilly climbs of Sydney…the opera house, the harbour bridge, the organic food stores – I’ve barely arrived and I’ve already seen them all ;) I am overawed by the beautiful Jacaranda trees with their purple leaves and pale bark…I can definitely feel that I’m on a different continent – the plants and air and bird calls all seem different…and on my first trip out to the garden I even met a Kookoburra – what a welcome :) Mr Monarch arrives tomorrow morning and we speak on Saturday at the Intuitive Well from 6pm – more details HERE.

On November the 6th I had:

1 quart water
2.5 cups celery/romaine/carrot/ginger/radish juice
1 dragon fruit
little bowl of banana blended with persimmons, then swirled with cinnamon, raisins and chia seeds
1.5 cups peppermint tea
1 pint water
2 satsumas, 2 golden kiwi fruit
little bowl of kale/avo salad stuffed in nori rolls
‘fruit salad’ with bits of pineapple, orange, raisins, banana
2 tbsp bee pollen with hemp seeds
handful of dried persimmon pieces
1 pint water
1lb longans
1 banana
3 cups water

Hmmmm…it’s kind of challenging to say what I ate on which day while flying, as the whole thing was a bit of a blur and seems like a distant dream already…I was basically just eating small amounts, regularly, as I felt hungry. I had some of my own food with me and then had also ordered the ‘fruit platter’ option from the airline (some of which was great and some of which was…tinned fruit cocktail… ;)

on November the 7th I had:

2 cups water
little bowl of melon fruit salad, a handful of dried fruits
2 persimmons
1 ‘Asian’ pear
2 cups water
another little bowl of melon fruit salad
1 avo mushed with a little hemp seed/bee pollen mixture and Celtic seasalt, wrapped in nori rolls, with a homemade sundried tomato flax cracker
3 cups water
1 quart celery/cucumber/spinach/carrot juice
little handful of brazil nuts with nori sheets
2 cups water

Here are some top tips for raw plane travellers, compiled after my epic journey here…

*Bring lots of your own food. You can bring pretty much whatever food you like onto the plane – you’re just unlikely to be able to take much off with you at your destination on the other side, so try to eat or share what you have ;)
*I recommend bringing plenty of water-rich foods with you, to help you stay hydrated, especially considering the strict regulations around carrying liquids on planes now. I’d recommend bringing foods like cucumbers, apples, persimmons, mangoes, papaya, longans, dragon fruit and so on. I’d also recommend bringing things that feel exciting to you, so it’s like an adventure… :)
*Constipation is very common among plane travellers – partly from dehydration, partly from the stress of being in a different environment etc. Help yourself to avoid an unpleasant stuffed feeling by drinking plenty of water, breathing deeeeeeep and doing ‘breath of fire’ breathing if you’re familiar with it – it will help you to release. I’d also thoroughly recommend bringing prunes with you to eat for this reason – preferably soaked first (with soak water drained off though, because of the liquid restrictions).
*I’d further recommend bringing a few heavier items to eat too – a couple of avos, some hemp seeds maybe, bee pollen etc – so that you’ve got smthg more grounding too. (Though taking hemp seed with you to some countries may be risky – check regulations first ;)
*Wear/carry VERY warm clothes for the flight. It might seem like you won’t need them, yet it can get VERY cold though in pressurized cabins and especially if you’re trying to sleep, it is absolutely worth bringing a few extra items of clothing to stay warm.
*Flights seem like an ideal time to me to go into deep meditation. There is lots of ‘downtime’ to get into a real space of love and radiate that energy out to fellow beings. The last part of my journey here for example was a flight with a very sweet, restful energy – almost everyone on board was asleep…as I took a periodic wander around to stretch my legs, it was joyful for me to radiate love through the whole gathered company of brothers and sisters…I don’t think I’ve ever been in the presence of so many sleeping people at once… ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. Hi Angela - Regarding bringing food onto the plane, do you allow your food to go throught the security x-ray or are you able to get it hand inspected? I have had trouble getting my food hand inspected - they have told me I either have to put it through the x-ray or throw it away. Any ideas on how I can get them to agree to hand inspect it? Thanks, Karen