Saturday, 24 November 2007

Opportunity Knocks...

Listen up, ladies ;)
‘New Woman’ magazine in the UK have been in contact with an exciting media opportunity for anyone in the UK who has a raw weight loss story to tell:

"Has your friend inspired you to lose weight?
If so, please get in touch to take part in a feature in New Woman magazine. I'm looking for women aged 25 to 35 who have been inspired to lose weight by a slim friend who's into raw food. Perhaps you wondered what her secret was, and started copying what she ate...It would involve a short telephone interview and a photo shoot in central London on 5 December. Please contact Ruth Tierney on"

on November the 23rd I had:

1 quart water
1 cup fresh orange juice
1 quart celery/parsley/random greens/carrot juice
½ a medium papaya
avo mushed with cilantro pesto, in nori rolls with cucumber, tomato and fresh sprouts
3 cups water
2 cups celery/parsley/random greens/carrot/sunflower greens juice
2 bananas and 2 black sapote
3 cups water
1 mango
2 cups water

When I was Juice Feasting this time last year, one of the most influential things I read during that time was ‘The Law of Attraction’ (LOA) by Esther and Jerry Hicks. We have now added this title to the RawReform store – YAY :) In recent years, the LOA concept has become very popular, especially due to the popular film ‘The Secret’, which shares similar information to this book (also available in our store). This book is a channelled piece of work and it imparts some very useful life tools, especially concerning visualisation. This book helped me a lot with releasing negative thought patterns and instead creating solid, positive intentions for my reality. You can see more about it and order a copy HERE.
Also, a little reminder that until midnight (PST) on November the 26th, you can use the coupon code ‘juice’ to get 10% off ANY purchase in the RawReform Store at the check out…ENJOY :)

on November the 24th I had:

1 quart water
3 cups celery/cucumber/alfalfa/carrot juice
½ a green/orange mamey, ½ a custard apple
3 cups water
big bowl of papaya flesh with lime juice squeezed over it
bowl of sprouts covered with tomato sauce made by blending together 3 tomatoes, 3 cloves of garlic and a few sundried tomatoes with 1/3 packet sundried tomato hummus. Sprouts/sauce stuffed in nori rolls with spinach
2 cups water
2 cups tatsoi/spinach/alfalfa/carrot/apple/celeriac juice
bowl of bananas blended with black sapote, swirled with goji berries
2 cups water

November the 24th sees the Full Moon in Gemini (6.30am PST). Lisa Dale Miller describes this as the moon of diversity - a great time for communication, networking, socializing and information sharing. You can read all about it here:
I learnt something interesting recently. Apparently at the time of the full moon, any parasites in our intestines release their hold on our insides and this is an optimal time to flush them out. Hmmmm…well, I’m not sure how many parasites I have any more…I decided though today that I’d like to help move on out anyone who IS still in there – that’s why I made a tomato sauce with 3 CLOVES of garlic ;) The guys who told me about this process recommended using Wormwood tincture at this time of the moon cycle – I didn’t have that, so garlic was my anti-parasite choice…we’ll see what happens… ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx


  1. first I want to thank you for inspiring me,I've been reading your blog faithfully daily for months I am a newbie raw vegan wish me well.thank you for all the info.I started my blog this morning Iwish the best Angela.Peace!

  2. Hi Angela I've been reading your blog faithfully daily for months .You inspired me, you took my fear away from the raw vegan lifestyle .I want to thank you and wish you the best.I am a newbie raw,wish me well thanks Rawmaya