Tuesday, 4 December 2007


Yeeeeeeee-HAH :) Warning: excited outburst follows…
I am VERY excited to announce that we now have POI for sale on the RawReform website. Have you ever tried poi dancing? I think it’s a FANTASTIC form of exercising…I’ve been learning/practicing for about 4-5 years…I used to teach myself out in the snow at night in Iceland when I was first learning ;) I LOVE it…I find it so beautiful and graceful…it’s also great for toning the body (especially upper body), improving coordination, meditating, inspiring kids to be more active and much more… ;) The poi we’ve just started to sell are soft, GREAT for beginners and a bargain at $15 a set – an ideal ‘stocking-stuffer’– see HERE.
I filmed a quick 3 minute YouTube video demo of me poi dancing on the beach yesterday, so you can see what it’s all about if you’re not familiar – see here:

If you’re after a bit more in-depth instruction than that, we also have a FANTASTIC full-length instructional DVD from super-fit raw food wonder-girl Tonya Kay, called ‘How to Spin Poi’…see HERE...

on December the 3rd I had:

7.30am to 11.30am 1.2 quarts water
12pm 1.2 quarts watermelon/orange juice
1.30pm 3 cups cucumber/carrot/tatsoi/parsley/apple/wild celery/all-kinds-of-greens juice
3pm 2 slices of Mr Monarch’s fabulous raw pizza – base of ground buckwheat and coconut flour, topping of avo mushed with curried hummus and chopped tomatoes, dusted with a layer of coconut flour. Three little cacao/dried apricot/coconut flour balls.
4.30pm 3 cups water
5.30pm 1lb cherries
6.30pm 2 cups water
7.30pm 2.5 cups green smoothie: mango/banana/sultanas/romaine/all-kinds-of-random-greens blended, then swirled with goji berries – yummmmmm ;)
9.30pm 2 cups water
10.30pm 2 cups water

Ooooo la la…what’s the timeline all about then…??? ;) Well, one of you stunning cherubs wrote in to request an approximate Stokes feeding timeline…so, the last couple of days have been closely monitored and the results are…thus…hope that helps make some more sense of it all…I tend to just have water the first hours of the day, then light stuff to ‘break into’ the day, like fruit/juice etc, then my heaviest meal in the middle of the day, then more fruits/juices/green smoothies later, wrapping up ingestion of solids around 7.30 – water again after that…

on December the 4th I had:

7am to 11am 1.2 quarts water
11am 2 cups cucumber/spinach/parsley/pineapple juice
11.45am 1 juuuuuuiiiiiicy mango
12.15pm 2 cups water
12.45pm slice of Mr Monarch’s exquisite pizza: base of ground buckwheat and coconut flour, topping of avo mushed with curried hummus and chopped tomatoes, dusted with a layer of coconut flour. ½ a brazil nut/carob raw bar
2.30pm 2 cups water
4pm big slice of lush watermelon
5pm handful of yummmmy flowers out on my foraging run
6pm 3 cups cucumber/romaine/sprouts/all-kinds-of-greens/carrot/apple juice
7.30pm 3 cups green smoothie: mango/banana/sultana/romaine/all-kinds-of-greens, swirled with goji berries
9pm 2 cups water
11pm 1 cup water

Two little reminders for you:

1. Although it is somehow already a few days into December, there is still time to enter the current RawReform prize giveaway, to receive three tubs of delicious Ulimanamana raw chocolate balls – yummmmm ;) To be in with a chance of winning, all that is required of your dear self is to send in your answer to the following Q:

What is YOUR favourite recipe containing raw chocolate (cacao)?

Send your answer to angela@rawreform.com and the winner will be picked at random and announced very soon. Enjoy :)

2. Myself and Mr Monarch shall be presenting presently in Brisbane…next Saturday to be precise, December the 8th, commencing at 1pm at Ahimsa House…full details on the RawReform events calendar HERE…we do hope to enjoy the pleasure of your company should you happen to be in the area…
(FYI, we are also delighted to announce that events are in the works for Byron Bay on January the 12th, Adelaide on January the 15th and Perth on January the 23rd – more details to follow... ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. Love your Poi video. Angela, you are looking so beautiful and radiant. Australia is doing you good. Please send us some heat. We are freezing here. Or better still, I will come over. :)