Friday, 14 December 2007

Connecting The Dots...

Here’s an exciting free gift that keeps on giving, that I stumbled across recently: Free iTunes Songs. Apparently every week, iTunes makes some songs available for free, for anyone to download (plus some audiobooks, videos and more). One kind person collects these freebies together and lists them on a blog called ‘freeitunessongs’ – see: . I’m LOVING it. :) It seems like the freebies usually last for about a week – if you get in there now, you can get a gorgeous song called ‘O Come, O Come, Emmanuel’ by Carter’s Chord – just go to the link above and scroll down a bit – I got that one and have been playing it over and over again ;) There are quite a few ‘Holiday Tunes’ on there for free at the moment…yummy :) Enjoy…

on December the 13th I had:

1 quart water
3 cups watermelon/orange juice
2 cups romaine/kale/mizuna/all-kinds-of-greens/carrot/apple/lemon juice
2 cups water
bowl of avocado mushed with Alive Hummus, diced tomatoes, dulse flakes and lime juice, served with a flax cracker
three homemade cracao bliss balls with cinnamon
3 cups water bowl of LUSCIOUS cherries and a sublime red papaya (we are SO blessed)
2 cups water

Have YOU joined the new raw food community site, ‘Give It To Me Raw’ yet? I’m loving it…it just opened in the last week and already has nearly 500 members, as I write this... :) I get a really good feeling for it – seems like a lovely, open, positive vibe and easy system to use to connect with others. Hurray :) It’s hosted by the divine Dhrumil et al, over in the NYC area…and so naturally, it has a beautiful, loved-up vibe ;) Hope to see you there…my page on the site is here:

You can take a peek and join in the fun if you’d enjoy some more raw rendezvous-ing ;)

on December the 14th I had:

1 quart water
1 quart watermelon/orange juice
1 pint celery/cucumber/kale/mizuna/cabbage/all-kinds-of-greens/carrot/apple/ginger juice
2 pieces of the supremely delectable raw pizza de la Monarch – base of buckwheat and coconut flours, filling of avo mushed with alive hummus and diced tomatoes, dusted with coconut flour and sliced tomatoes :)
3 cups water
handful of cherries
1 pint celery/cucumber/kale/mizuna/cabbage/all-kinds-of-greens/carrot/apple/ginger juice
3 cups water
huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge piece of watermelon
2 cups water

La-di-daaaaaaa…I do believe it be time for some reflections on life down under…Some observations and appreciations so far:

1. We are muchly enjoying the fact that both fruits AND amazing leafy greens are to be found in abundance here…as you may have noticed from my food logs of late, I don’t even know what many of the greens we’re eating here ARE – there are just so many amazing things to try from the farmer’s markets…
2. I have not yet met a kangaroo OR a koala. This seems rather unreasonable to me…where are they…? Please remedy asap, thank you… ;) I do enjoy seeing the bright yellow road signs for them though ;) Many a British backpacker seems to return from trips down under armed with fridge magnet versions of these kind of yellow road signs…it’s nice to see the gen-u-ine models and to think that we’re in the vicinity of those magical creatures :)
3. Methinks…if I were to say on a scale from 1-10 of how happy I’d be to live here in the long-term, the current verdict would be ‘8’, with 1 being ‘gemme outta here NOW’ and 10 being ‘I don’t ever wanna leave, thanks’. It feels ‘easy’ to be here in many ways, for me…it’s fun… :) Not to suggest that we have intentions to remain here, of course – tis but a reflection… ;) My one major concern would be the fact that the country’s apparently been in drought for the last 7 years and greengrocers tell us it gets progressively harder year by year to get different produce, plus prices rise constantly…hmmmm, well…all food for thought… ;)

All blessings,
Angela. xxx


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