Thursday, 27 December 2007

Gifts of Inspiration...

Hello again :)
I hope you had a wonderful time over the Christmas days…I had a really enjoyable, relaxing time…I feel really rejuvenated
One of the greatest gifts I received at this time was being guided towards the music of my new musical heroine – Allison Crowe. I had been asking Spirit for inspiration about the music in my life and then by some ‘random’ net-search twist, completely unrelated to music, I ended up watching the video below. I was absolutely smitten on the first play. I have quite probably listened to this song around 60+ times since…it is, to me, a simply magnificent interpretation of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’, sung by the uber-talented pianist Allison. She is phenomenal. Apparently she’s 26 years old, from Nanaimo, BC, Canada and is a completely independent artist. She has her own record label and seems to be doing incredibly well – from listening to her music, it’s not hard to understand why. The spirit moving through this woman is so clear – the emotions are raw to the core…the sincerity and reverence with which she sings moves me to tears. I am also in love with her versions of ‘Angel’ by Sarah McLachlan and ‘River’ by Joni Mitchell. I recommend listening with earphones for full appreciation :) Check out the video below and her site at

on December the 25th I had:

3 cups water
parts of a huge watermelon throughout the day – about 2/3rds of it in total
2 cups water
1 pint tatsoi/bok choy/cucumber/arugula/parsley/radish/kale/all-kinds-of-greens/carrot/apple juice
little bowl of apple-flax – ground flax seed stirred into blended apples, with a little cinnamon, goji berries and hemp seeds
2 cups water

Christmas Day was my first day of eating solids again after my 7-day psyllium-bentonite cleanse. I mono-mealed watermelon for most of the day and LOVED it :) We had a really chilled day – we went to the beach and walked in the sun out to a lookout point where there were pods of dolphins swimming round a cape :) It was gorgeous…such a wonderful Christmas gift :) I spent most of the day out in nature – my ‘church’ – it was blissful, laying on the beach, eating watermelon, watching kids playing happily in the ocean…a very very different kind of Christmas than the ones I knew as a kid growing up in the south of England… ;) I got to speak to all my family in the UK too – due to the time difference they were just starting out their Christmas celebrations as we were winding ours’ down…it felt good to connect and especially to speak to my delightful three year old niece who was extremely excited about it all…ahhhhh, there is much that I appreciate about the spirit of this time of year…

On December the 26th I had:

3 cups water
1 cup beetroot/apple juice
1.5 cups tatsoi/bok choy/cucumber/arugula/parsley/radish/kale/all-kinds-of-greens/carrot/apple juice
little bowl of apple-flax – ground flax seed stirred into blended apples, with a little cinnamon, goji berries and pumpkin seeds
1 pint all-the-greens-in-the-fridge/daikon/carrot/apple/cucumber/turmeric juice
small slice of divine mango/macadamia raw cheesecake
bowl of grawnola with fresh sliced apple and banana and homemade macadamia cream
2 cups water

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I hope all of you who ordered the Raw For Life DVD have been enjoying it – we sold out, it was so popular ;O We’ve got more back in stock again now AND our copy just arrived here in OZ today for us to watch :) YAY :) I was very excited…we watched about half of it so far and I think it’s a really great production – I’m so excited to see how this will help more ‘mainstream’ people shift into healthier patterns. The editing’s fantastic – all kinds of ‘talking head’ clips of different people talking about aspects of being raw/detox/exercise/healing etc…watch out for a Raw For Life party happening near YOU sometime soon ;) Or indeed, consider hosting a showing yourself if you haven’t heard of one happening in your area yet…ENJOY :)

One love,
Angela. xxx


  1. Hi Angela,

    I love your blog! I have a quick question about your 7 day cleanse. Did you drink the water, acv and honey mixture 5 times per day after each PB drink?

    Thanks much! Kali

  2. Hi Angela ~

    It's wonderful to know you've discovered Allison Crowe and find inspiration in her music ( :

    Thanks for sharing your joy.

    I serve as manager to Allison - who's currently in a remote mountain area without internet access. Lots of snow and beauty, and, once she performs her last concert of the year, on December 31, she'll be coming down the mountain and will learn of your post.

    Here's to you, and all, for a happy, healthy 2008!

    Sláinte mhaith! Adrian