Monday, 10 December 2007


WOW, now this is a MUST see :) LOL…Mr Monarch has just put up a before/after video of his personal raw food transformation, on YouTube…it’s pretty phenomenal to see the contrast…he recently found all these old tapes of his pre-raw and early raw days from 8 or so years ago and has been cutting them together into this piece – it’s really quite lyrical…there's also a little Stokes cameo in there too ;) Enjoy...

on December the 9th I had:

1.5 quarts water
3 cups cucumber/celery/parsley/mint/kale/dandelion/pineapple juice
chunk of watermelon
1 tbsp greener grasses powder
handful of cherries, one little mango
2 cups water
1 green mamey, ½ a cherimoya, ½ a sapodilla
3 cups water
7 dried figs dipped in raw tahini
3 cups green smoothie: banana/mango/figs/romaine/all-kinds-of-intense-greeeeeeeens ;)
2 cups water

I had a lovely time speaking in Brisbane this weekend, then also got to hang out with some old friends of mine from my years in Iceland, which was GREAT fun – it is so interesting for me to reconnect with people from a time when my life was so vastly different…I can feel pathways opening up to parts of my brain that I never go into these days as we talk about old times and speak some Icelandic…fun ;) It was really nice as well to visit Brisbane’s amazing all-organic farmers’ market on Sunday morning – they even have a pre-prepared raw foods stall, with pizzas, cakes and so on :) I also collected a whole bag of fresh macadamia nuts straight from the tree in my friends’ garden…mac nuts are native here and very abundant...yummmm :) I DEFINITELY also appreciated coming ‘home’ though…after so many years of hobo-ing around the world, the times when I have an actual base are so precious to me…and especially sharing this one with my beloved – yumminess…I FINALLY understood what a dear old friend said to me once about going to stay at other’s houses. She lived in London with her partner and they were going to stay with his parents for a few nights, a few hours away. She said to me ‘I can’t see the point – I have my own house, why would I want to go and stay in someone else’s?’ At the time, I couldn’t relate at all, as to me, it really made no difference where I was – it was all the same to me – always someone else’s house…well, NOW I understand what she meant…it’s LOVELY to visit with friends and connect and it’s also DELICIOUS to me at this point to come home again, to a little space in the world that is filled with ME things… ;)

on December the 10th I had:

1 quart water
bowl of papaya flesh with lime juice
2 cups water
1 quart celery/cucumber/romaine/kale/cabbage/mizuna/all-kinds-of-greens/carrot/apple juice
½ an avo mushed with diced tomatoes, a pinch of Celtic sea salt and a dash of alive hummus, served with cucumber sticks and a piece of flax cracker
2 cups water
1.5 cups celery/cucumber/romaine/kale/cabbage/mizuna/all-kinds-of-greens/carrot/apple juice
1 egg fruit
2 cups water

Ooo la la…it’s time for another ‘exciting opportunity’ alert. T. Colin Campbell, the author of the fantastic book ‘The China Study’ (the most comprehensive research study ever conducted on the relationship between diet and disease) is looking for people to share their stories of healing with a plant-based diet. YUMMY. Here’s the relevant blurb:

“All of Dr. Campbell's research points to the benefits of a plant-based diet and the dangers of the over-consumption of animal protein, including red meat, pork, poultry, fish and dairy. To support Dr. Campbell's work, we endeavor to create a library of accurate and personal accounts by those who have used plant-based nutrition to inhibit disease. These accounts will be aggregated and made available to the public to serve as a reference material for patients, physicians, researchers and anyone else who may need it. As well as to create this reference resource, the intention is also to collect a critical mass of information that may pave the way for further study. The more information we are able to gather, the greater impact we will have.
We seek to gather tens of thousands of accounts. If you have had a positive experience using a plant-based diet as medicine, your story would prove invaluable to our project. If you should you know of others with compelling stories regarding foods' use as medicine please share this letter with them as well. Should you be willing to participate, I invite you to contact me without delay. Please contact Micaela Cook at”

Hope to see you on their database if you have a juicy tale to tell... ;)
All love,
Angeeeelllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. xxx


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