Monday, 17 December 2007

Sidestepping the 'Shopocalypse' ;)

Ooooo, the latest RawReform Newsletter just went out and the Prize Giveaway for this month is a pair of our beautiful poi :) Here’s the info:
Now YOU can simultaneously exercise, play, tone your upper body, impress the kids, improve coordination and much more… ;)
So, as the year draws to a close, many of us use this period as a time of reflection and celebration of what was shared in the last 12 months…I know personally it’s been an amazing journey – from a Juice Feast in Costa Rica to an intensive speaking tour of the US, announcing my engagement to Mr Monarch in England, launching the RawReform Store, hanging out all over Canada speaking at festivals, passing many an hour writing my new book and coming down under here to Australia for a summer of sun, sand and seasonal produce…I feel very blessed…
In the spirit of all things reflective and delectable, we’d love to invite you to send in YOUR 2007 RAW REFLECTIONS…what in the world of raw food has inspired or uplifted you this year? What stands out in your memory? Who did you love sharing recipes with? What helped you to stay motivated? Which recipe made a difference in your enjoyment? We wanna hear YOUR raw highlights. So, please send your answer to the following question to

‘What have been your top THREE raw food highlights of 2007?’

We certainly look forward to reading and sharing your responses to that :) The winner will be picked at random and with joy in January :)
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on December the 15th I had:

1 quart water
2 cups orange/sugar cane juice
1 pint cucumber/celery/mizuna/all-kinds-of-greens/carrot/apple/ginger juice
piece of Monarch raw pizza with handful of delicious homegrown sunflower greens
3 cups water
bowl of papaya flesh with lime juice
1 cup cucumber/celery/mizuna/all-kinds-of-greens/carrot/apple/ginger juice
a cacophony of cracao at a raw chocolate party – chocolate with lemon myrtle, rose, cashews, chocolate mousses, chocolate drinks… (Result=feeling drunk and now hangover today. Eeek ;)
1.5 quarts water

I’m EXCITED…tomorrow (Tuesday for me) I’m starting a 7-Day Psyllium-Bentonite Cleanse…eeeeeeeek :) Been a looooooong time since I did one of these – 4 years or more I think…I did one with the uber-fabulous Dao and Sho of Karuna Detox Retreats in Devon, England. It was a bit different to the one I’m going to do now though...back then we just used carrot juice for the whole week and quite amazingly to me now, at that point I’d never yet done ANY colon cleansing…it was a tremendous experience for me and I’m excited to play again now. This time round I’m going to be ‘administering’ the whole thing myself (with the support of the Monarch of course ;) and using mainly green veggie juice. I’m basically going to be doing a modified version of Bernard Jensen’s cleanse from his book ‘Dr. Jensen’s Guide To Better Bowel Care’…I’ll be drinking veggie juices instead of taking the supplements he recommends…I have been wanting to do this for MONTHS now and it kept clashing with my schedule…I am SO excited that tomorrow is finally kick-off day… ;) Let’s see how it unfolds…

on December the 16th I had:

2 cups watermelon/pineapple juice
little bowl of banana/mango ice cream
slice of watermelon
3 cups mizuna/kale/cabbage/cucumber/zucchini/carrot/apple/ginger juice
1 avo mushed with finely sliced garlic, diced tomatoes, Himalayan salt and Alive Hummus, served in romaine wraps
3 cups water
2 cups mizuna/kale/cabbage/cucumber/zucchini/carrot/apple/ginger juice
2.5 cups green smoothie: mango/banana/romaine/mizuna/parsley/sunflower greens
2 cups water

There seem to be SO many wonderful films around at the moment that people are recommending to me…wow…how blessed we are…today I’d love to mention ‘What Would Jesus Buy’ for example – which is Morgan Spurlock’s latest project (the ‘SuperSize Me’ man). I haven’t had the joy to see this yet myself – I would definitely go and see it if it was playing here however…
This film seems to be a humorous, yet inspiring exposé of the commercialism that drives the Holiday Season…now, apparently no movie companies would back Spurlock up on this project because they wouldn’t want to lose their ties with the big corporations…ho-hummmmmm…so, Spurlock’s piece is relying mainly on word-of-mouth for advertising…it follows an outlandish ‘preacher’ called Reverend Billy and his ‘Stop Shopping Gospel Choir’ who travel around, passionately sharing their views on consumerism at malls and shopping centres…their aim is to ‘Stop the ‘SHOPOCALYPSE’ which is defined thusly:

Sho•po•ca•lypse [shah PAW kuh lips] n.
The end of mankind from consumerism, over-consumption
and the fires of eternal debt!’

Sounds intriguing…you can see the trailer and show-times here:…hope some of you get to see the whole documentary soon too – lemme know how it is if you do ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. I saw What Would Jesus Buy a few weeks ago and it was GREAT! Very, very funny and I highly recommend it. I wouldn't say it had a lot of new information about shopping and big box stores, but the sentiment was really uplifting I thought. Morgan Spurlock was even at the showing itself! We just walked by the afternoon before and it said that he'd be there that evening. So we went and he was! I guess he was in Portland for Thanksgiving and our neighborhood theater agreed to show it so he decided to come. It was a great evening.