Wednesday, 12 December 2007


WOW, have you seen ‘The Story of STUFF’ yet? This was another inbox treat recently and I’ve been LOVING it ever since – it’s a little 20 minute exposé of the inner workings of modern consumer-driven society. The presenter, Annie Leonard, leads us on a highly informative, entertaining, action-packed adventure through the processes of Extraction, Production, Distribution, Consumption and Disposal. You can watch it here: and remember to pass it on – this is powerful ‘stuff’ ;)

on December the 11th I had:

1 quart water
3 cups watermelon/orange juice
big chunk of watermelon
3 cups watermelon/honeydew juice
3 cups green smoothie with chia seeds stirred in: banana/mango/apricot/romaine/kale/mizuna/all-kinds-of-greens
2 cups water
1.5 cups cucumber/celery/carrot/apple/all-kinds-of-greens juice
bowl of green smoothie/chia leftovers with little portion of ‘apple flax’ – blended apples mixed with ground flax, coconut flour and cinnamon powder
3 cups water

Fanfare perrrrrr-lease :)
It’s that time again…time to announce the winner of last month’s RawReform prize giveaway
The prize was a yummmmmm-hummmmming three pack of Ulimanamana chocolate tubs…and to be in with a chance of winning, all y’all were asked to do was send in YOUR favourite recipe with the ol’ cracao monster lurking in the ingredients list…well, send in those recipes you DID…thanks be to you all…there could only be one winner though, drawn at random…and that was the divine diva ELENA Hvidz, with her ext-RAW-dinary ‘Chocolate Raspberry Bliss Balls’. You can see the full recipe for them below, PLUS check out a whole stack of the recipes y’all sent in, which have been posted to the RawReform Reader’s Recipes page, HERE:
(Scroll about half-way down the page to reach the chocolatey yumm section ;)

on December the 12th I had:

1.2 quarts water
1 pint watermelon/orange juice
big chunk of watermelon
3 cups mizuna/kale/cilantro/arugula/all-kinds-of-greens/carrot/apple/lemon juice
bowl of avo/banana pudding blended with cinnamon, swirled with goji berries and mung bean sprouts
3 cups water
2 cups mizuna/kale/cilantro/arugula/all-kinds-of-greens/carrot/apple/lemon juice
bowl of cherries
3 cups green smoothie: mango/banana/dragonfruit/romaine/mizuna/all-kinds-of-greens
2 cups water

Ok, so, here’s Elena’s winning recipe – enjoy ;)

Chocolate Raspberry Bliss Balls!

1 Cup of fresh raspberries (or defrost a bit first, if
1/2 Cup raw cocao powder (or nibs ground in a coffee
1/3 Cup raw coconut oil
1/3 Cup Agave or other raw sweetener of choice
1 Tablespoon hemp seeds
1 Tablespoon raw coconut flakes

Optional: a dash of ginger powder or grated ginger if
you like a touch of spice!

Blend all ingredients in food processor and separate
into little balls and freeze. Whenever you want a
chocolate berry bliss treat, grab a chocolate berry
Elena Hvizd

Thanks Elena :) …and thanks to all of you for sending in your masterpieces :) The Ulimanamana Truffles are on their way to Elena for Holiday-time FUN and the rest of us…well, the next RawReform Newsletter will be out any day now…and there’ll surely be some yummy offers and a new contest to play with then… ;)

All blessings for now,
Angela. xxx


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