Sunday, 2 December 2007

Answers and Artistry...

Many of you outside of the US have been writing with 2 key questions:

1. What is a ‘quart’ anyway? ;)
2. Does the RawReform Store ship internationally?

Alright…so, a ‘quart’ refers to a ‘quarter of a gallon’ and contains 32oz or ‘4 cups’. It is roughly equivalent to a litre (1000ml). Half of a quart is known as a ‘pint’ and contains 16oz or 2 cups…it’s roughly equivalent to 500ml…making sense yet? I hope so… ;)
As for international orders…YES, we ship internationally. The online store does not currently handle international orders (i.e. outside the US) very happily, yet we're working on it ;) In the meantime, if you’d like to place an order, you can create your account in the store, place everything you want in your shopping basket, then email, stating the name you used to set up your account and that marvellous Mr Monarch will help you complete your order. Once set up, all works smoothly for all future orders...enjoy... :)

on December the 1st I had:

1 quart water
1 quart celery/carrot/apple/ginger/beetroot juice
little bag of yuuuuuummmmmmmmm cherries
bowl of avo mushed with lime juice, Celtic sea salt, diced tomatoes, chopped cilantro and sprouts, stuffed into nori sheets
3 little cracao/coconut bliss balls
3 cups water
1 succulent mango
3 cups celery/cucumber/apple/carrot/parsley/all-kinds-of-greens juice
3 cups green smoothie: papaya/mango/banana/romaine/random greens, swirled with goji berries
2 cups water

Here’s a fun video from one of my musical heroes, Scott Kalechstein, from the Raw Spirit Fest this year. Have you heard Scott’s music before? I think he’s absolutely delightful – SOOO very talented at spontaneous compositions and rhymes – I LOVE it…I was very sad to not be there to see him perform at the festie this year…you can check out his whole website at and this video is a little RAW version of ‘King of the Road’:

on December the 2nd I had:

1 quart water
1.2 quarts watermelon/orange juice
2 cups water
1 mango
2 cups cucumber/tatsoi/romaine/various-unidentified-greens/apple/carrot juice
2 cups water
bowl of apple flax: apples blended, then mixed with ground flax and brazil nuts, swirled with spirulina, goji berries and lucuma powder
2 cups water
1.5 cups cucumber/tatsoi/romaine/various-unidentified-greens/apple/carrot juice
2.5 cups green smoothie: mango/apple/banana/sultanas/romaine/various-unidentified-greens/purple berries I foraged, plus dandelion leaves, gatacolla and other foraged yummies… :)
2 cups water

Someone recently left the following questions as a blog comment:

I'm wondering, honestly, since going 100% raw do you never get a craving for something cooked? If so, how do you fight it? Do you feel if you ate something cooked it could trigger a desire to eat "bad" things? Now that you are a healthy weight, do you think you will ever go back to a balance of raw and cooked foods in moderation? I guess I'm just wondering what your stand is on doing this long term?

Here is an answer – actually an excerpt from the new book I’m writing… ;)

I no longer get cravings for cooked/processed foods – they don’t even LOOK like food to me – they look toxic. Why would I put something that looks toxic to me, in my body? It was a journey to get to this point though. I experienced some intense cravings/binging with cooked foods at the start of my raw journey, mainly because I didn’t cut out refined sugars and starches completely. I recall sitting with a friend who’d stopped eating refined sugars and was helping me do the same. We were at a café and the waiter served us complimentary foil-wrapped chocolates with our tea. I felt immensely frustrated, as I really wanted to eat them and so much of my attention was focused on them. I looked at my friend, sitting calmly and asked her if she wasn’t frustrated too, to see the chocolates and not eat them. She gently smiled and said ‘no, I look and see they have pretty pictures on the wrapper…I don’t desire to eat them’. At that point, her perspective seemed so far away from mine that I almost couldn’t imagine feeling that way towards these blocks of processed dairy/sugars/cocoa ;) These days, however, I don’t feel any effort in avoiding my old trigger-foods, like doughnuts, for example, as they simply don’t interest me anymore and are so far from the spectrum of foods I now choose.

So, in conclusion, I cannot imagine WHY I would ever start eating cooked foods again…yes, I definitely intend to be here for the long haul...(we’ll see how it unfolds though - 'never say never' ;)…I hope that helps...the book I'm writing at the moment actually has TONS of tips for people struggling with cravings - the emotional/spiritual section of the book just keeps on expanding and expanding...YUMM - I do hope to get it completed very soon though... ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx


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