Thursday, 6 December 2007

Retro Jiggling... ;)

Ahahahahahaahahhhahaaaaaaaaa :) Look what Mr Monarch made yesterday…I LOVE it…LOL…and the picture here is just a taster – click the following link to get the full effect:

(Watch for the special Wiggie cameo at the end - love it ;)

on December the 5th I had:

1.5 quarts water2 cups cucumber/romaine/all-kind-of-greens/carrot/apple juice
big chunk of lush watermelon
1 cup water
sauce of tomatoes and cucumber blended with spinach hummus, hemp seeds and a little Celtic Sea Salt, mixed with fresh alfalfa and fenugreek sprouts and stuffed in nori/romaine wraps. ½ a cinnamon/raisin raw bar
1.5 quarts water
1.5 cups cucumber/romaine/all-kind-of-greens/carrot/apple juice
bowl of dark yummy cherries
2 cups water
4 amazing little yellow dragon fruit and one black sapote with lime juice squeezed over it – yummmmm :)
2 cups water

Ooo la la…the last one is barely over and plans for the next spectacular Raw Spirit Fest are underway – yeeeeee-HAH :) The dates for 2008 are September the 12th-14th, back at the charming Radisson grounds in Sedona, Arizona…I certainly do hope to be back by then ;) The organisers of the festie are currently offering an ‘early bird special’ rate, until December the 31st of just $250 for the entire weekend event – bargain…now THAT would make an amazing holiday gift, methinks… ;) You can sign up HERE...hope to see you there ;)

on December the 6th I had:

1 quart water
1.5 cups sugar cane/lime/ginger juice
big chunk of watermelon
3 cups cucumber/celery/mizuna/spinach/cabbage/beet greens/apple/ginger/masses-of-unidentified greens juice
chunk of yummy soft jack fruit
3 cups water
2 cups cucumber/celery/mizuna/spinach/cabbage/beet greens/apple/ginger/masses-of-unidentified greens juice
bowl of avo blended with banana/bamboo shoot/cinnamon, swirled with sultanas and a handful of sprouts, served with cucumber sticks
3 cups water

I was inspired to do a ‘flashback’ here today, to retro RawReform ramblings…so I took a look at what I was up to this day last year…turns out I was on day 16 of my Juice Feast and tried my first fresh noni juice…eeeeeek ;) here was my opinion:

‘…definitely seems to fall into the ‘acquired taste’ category of foods…the taste to me is unfortunately rather reminiscent of…vomit…LOL…’

I also had this to note abt my juicy days:

‘I am noticing how much easier it seems to be getting to get up and going in the mornings now, compared to the first week of this feast…’

and established my first ‘rule of Juice Feasting’:

‘1. Never travel without a toothbrush...’

The most interesting part for me though is my observations about sugars going into my system:

‘I started to notice how interesting it is with sugars that if I take them into my body in conjunction with exercise, all feels great and the net effect is I feel energized. If I have that much sugar however and don’t get much exercise in around the same time, the net effect is I feel spacey and sleepy…it’s interesting to me that the effect can be so different, almost opposite, after ingesting exactly the same stuff…’

This pattern with sugars has become more and more obvious to me over the last year – this very morning in fact I was musing on this matter, after drinking some of the fabulous fresh cane juice available around here…fruit sugars necessitate exercise for me. Fruit=sugar=energy food=mooooooooove ;) If I have lots of sugar and then keep still, I slump majorly…ideally of course I prefer to exercise FIRST, then have sugars ;) Well, it was just interesting for me to see how the exact same things were on my mind this day last year... ;) You can read the whole retro past HERE:

One love,
Miss Angela Claire Stokes, MA. xxx


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