Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Almonds and Immortal Burgers...

Ok…so today was ‘officially’ World Environment Day and…it’s time to talk about raw almonds again…so, it seemed recently that the law to pasteurise all almonds in the States had gone through…talking with friends in Chicago recently however, we were handed flyers with information on how we can ALL act now to try to turn this situation around. The rule is due to go into effect on September the 1st, 2007. The idea is that we act NOW to contact US Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns to let him know why raw almonds are important to us and we do not want to see them pasteurised. If we do not act NOW to turn this around, it may literally never be possible to purchase raw almonds in this country again…and it may even open a floodgate for similar laws requiring pasteurisation of other foods…eeeeeek ;) no thanks…so, please take a few minutes NOW, for you, me, all those we care about and all those yet to come, to preserve access to truly raw foods. Here are the contact details for Secretary Johanns:

Phone: 202-720-3631
Fax: 202-720-2166

On June the 4th I had:

1.5 litres water
500ml green juice
1 nectarine
hemp seeds/oil with other seeds in nori wraps with Himalayan salt and kale
dried figs with chocolate/coconut dip
500ml water
2 apples
shot of E3 Live
500ml water
vanilla cheesecake and chocolate truffles
2 litres water

I was sent a hilarious video link recently about ‘The Immortal Burgers’ of fast food restaurants…it’s an incredible little story of a guy who went to a VERY well-known burger restaurant back in 1988, bought a couple of burgers, ate one immediately and put one in his coat pocket…which he then forgot about until a YEAR later when he pulled that jacket out of his cupboard again. He opened the burger wrapper to discover that the product looked and smelt EXACTLY the same, as if he’d just bought it… :O…he decided to keep it longer, to see what happened…then started to buy and keep other burgers too over the last 18 years, to see when and how his mounting collection would start to decompose…it didn’t, it hasn’t, it doesn’t…yes, the scary fact is, these burgers are ‘immortal’ – the video shows his dated collection of burgers and buns, all pristine…just IMAGINE what happens to cells of our bodies that are fed with that kind of fuel regularly…eeeeek ;) This really leads me to wonder how much left-over damage there is going on in this body from all the years I lived on toxic junk foods…it is said of course that our bodies replace every single cell in our structure within the space of 7 years…and as I’ve been raw for 5 years now, I’m a long way towards literally having a totally different body…and yet, there is definitely still detox work for me to do…hmmmmm…food for thought…anyway, I’d certainly recommend checking out the burger video HERE and sharing it with those who might still be eating these kinds of meals…it’s QUITE eye-opening ;)

On June the 5th I had:

2 litres water
box of cherries
500ml green juice with pineapple
flax crackers, avo/lime/salt/spinach/nori
chocolate truffles
1 litre water
shot of E3 Live
dried figs with green powder
1.5 litres water

Here is the message I just sent to Secretary Johanns about the raw almonds – feel free to cut and paste into an email of your own… :)

Dear Secretary Johanns,
I am really sad to hear that the rule recently passed about the mandatory pasteurisation of almonds is due to go into effect on September the 1st this year. As a raw foodist, raw almonds are one of my chief sources of protein, calcium, B vitamins and healthy fats, besides being the only nut to have an overall alkalising effect on the body, which helps people to heal from illnesses. Raw almonds help nourish the bones and teeth in particular. Raw almonds have been especially useful to me over the last 5 years as a raw foodist – they are calming on the nervous system, packed with vital life-force energy and easy to use in many ways, from eating whole as snacks to making replacement milks/cheeses etc for people who are intolerant to dairy products.

When raw nuts are heated/pasteurised, they lose their vital life-force, the fats change composition and they no longer deliver the same nutritional benefits to the body (instead, becoming detrimental in fact, especially to the liver and gall bladder). Raw, living foods in their most natural whole state are extremely healing and have been documented as helping people reverse any number of health complaints, from obesity to cancers to infertility. It concerns me that if this new rule DOES go through in respect to the almonds, it will set a precedent for such laws in regard to other produce too and access to these healing raw foods will become limited.
I urge you to do whatever you can in your power to turn this rule around NOW, to ensure the continued availability of truly raw almonds (and other produce) for ourselves and those generations to come.
Yours sincerely,
Angela Stokes

Please take a few moments now to compose an email to Secretary Johanns – even if it means just copying and pasting the above (with your own name ;) – every message will count at this point to get the message across that we don’t want to lose access to raw almonds… :)
All blessings,
Angela. xxx


  1. Thank-You Angela ! My email to Secretary Johanns was sent within two minutes of reading your post.

    Best in health and happiness,
    Art Bedard

  2. Angela,

    I think the purpose of the chemicals in McDonald's food is designed to make them inert. This food cannot grow bacteria, hence people will not get food poisoning. A food poisoning scare equals bad press, bad press equals lower profits. I always wondered why McDonalds never had a food quality scare, now I know.

    Art Bedard