Sunday, 3 June 2007

Sweet Treats...

Thanks for all your emails that have been coming in for the May RawReform newsletter giveaway…to be in with a chance of winning a WHOLE BOX of raw Lara Bars, all you have to do is email in your answer to the following question:

What has been your strangest detox symptom/experience with a raw food lifestyle?

Send in YOUR answer to - be quick though – the next newsletter is about to come out this week for June, so the winner will be drawn in the next day or so…best wishes ;)

On June the 2nd I had:

1.5 litres water
500ml green juice with carrot
box of strawberries
400ml green juice with apple
mix of soaked/sprouted/dehydrated almonds and seeds with baby spinach leaves, dulse and nori sheets
1 litre water
one big egg fruit
200ml melon juice
bee pollen and hemp seed mixed together
1 litre water

I had an encounter with an extraordinary fruit this day. I was gifted three beautiful canistel or ‘egg fruits’ as they are commonly known, from Florida (see picture above...LOOK at that beautiful heart shape :). I’d never seen or tried one before and was intrigued to hear that they ‘taste like eggs…only sweet, sugary…’ Hmmmmmok…well, it was smooth and orangey-yellow, with a sheen on the outside, soft to the touch, like a ripe papaya and as I split it open, it fell into luscious pieces of soft yellow flesh. I took my first bite…and it was definitely a case of love at first bite…WOW…it’s like no fruit I’ve ever tasted…it truly and simply is like eating cooked egg yolks – the EXACT same colour and texture, but such a sweet, soft, delicate flavour – it feels very feminine in its energy to me – absolutely gorgeous…soft, sweet, luxurious…it kind of melts in the mouth, with hints of caramel…and it is HEAVY – like the same kind of fat feeling as eating an avocado or durian…yet not oily at all, just dense…wow…I can foresee a fruit-munching trip to Florida unfold at some point…

On Sunday June the 3rd I had:

500ml water
500ml watermelon juice
500ml green juice with carrot
box of strawberries
1 small egg fruit
hemp seed mixed with fresh bee pollen, with dulse/nori
1 litre water
handful of cherries
750ml green juice with apple
small plate of raw potluck foods
1 litre water

A sweet little question came in by email this weekend about my food intake:

“I love reading your blog! Could you tell me the "recipe" for your avo/lime/nori meal? Do you just mix it up? roll it up? I notice you eat this every day!” N

:) Thanks for the Q…yes, I have definitely been eating that simple meal a lot these last couple of weeks on the road…the way I do it is to just cut the avocado in half, scoop out some of the flesh onto a nori sheet, squeeze a little lime juice onto it, sprinkle on a little Himalayan sea salt (and cumin if I have some – mmmmm ;), add in some young leafy greens if I have some, like baby spinach leaves and then wrap it up and munch…that’s it, no prep, no machines, no plate even, just a knife and a spoon ideally, to deal with the avo…this is so simple and yummy and satisfying for me…also, an even simpler variation is to just cut open the avo, squeeze on the lime and sprinkle on the salt – eat straight from the avo skin, with a spoon – this is SO delicious as a snack – a must-try

One love,
Angela. xxx


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