Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Learning and Loving...

Many thanks and gratitude to all of you who have been sending your emails/comments to US Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Johanns, asking him to reconsider the ruling on mandatory pasteurisation of almonds in the US. There have been some great messages going out to him in this last week – I have in fact created a special page on the RawReform site to gather these messages together – so, if you have not yet sent him a message yourself, please feel free to visit that page HERE and copy/paste as you please into an email for mike.johanns@usda.gov…together, we can make a difference with this…

On June the 10th I had:

1.5 litres water
700ml celery/cucumber/apple/fennel/ginger juice
¼ of a big watermelon
500ml water
kale salad: finely chopped kale, flesh of one avocado, lime juice, dulse, diced tomatoes, cumin, young garlic
one banana blended with figs and lucuma powder
2 litres water
box of strawberries
600ml green juice
small salad of fresh sunflower greens, watercress, baby leaves, cilantro with flax oil, hemp seed, lime juice, young garlic as dressing, w/nori.
Handful of goji berries
500ml peppermint tea
1 litre water

Ok, I learn more about this body every day…it seems to speak to me clearer and clearer all the time and today it was telling me that it definitely didn’t appreciate the heavy-ish meal I had in the evening of the 10th (see above)…although this salad was small, it had quite a number of ingredients and a fair amount of fats…my body did not appreciate working on that all evening and night and I awoke feeling very sluggish and heavy the next day…

On June the 11th I had:

2 litres water
box of raspberries with baby spinach leaves and handful of sunflower greens
1 litre water
¾ of a durian
2 litres water
700ml celery/cucumber/apple/ginger juice
3 peaches
2 tbsp bee pollen with 2 tbsp hemp seed
1 litre water

I am TOTALLY in love with this song by Alicia Keys at the moment (embedded below) – wow, she inspires me SO much – when I hear her and see her, I perceive gorgeous, open, pure, loving spirit working straight through her – here is a goddess so totally in her flow with her path here on earth, spreading her messages through the musical vibration, touching millions – she seems so fantastically talented, dedicated, tuned-in to her energy flow and true to her work…just SO beautiful to witness :)
One love,
Angela. xxx


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