Sunday, 10 June 2007

Melons, Movies and Movements...

Went to the farmer’s markets here in Canada this weekend…WOW – I got some really wonderful things, I’m so excited – I have a HUGE tub of fresh, vibrant sunflower greens for example, for $2.50 – WOW – one of my absolute favourite foods…plus fresh cilantro, huge cucumbers, magnificent kale…and I tried apriums for the first time – a hybrid between apricots and plums – YUM :) We also bought 7 ENORMOUS watermelons, all seeded and organic (see picture), for $4 each...wooooo-HOO – I am SO excited - we seriously have about 160lbs of watermelon flesh here to consume :))) LOL...AND, I am DELIGHTED to say that there is weekly compost collection at the houses here – how wonderful - all ‘waste’ is sorted and collected – I am very impressed…yes, I definitely like it here already ;)

On June the 8th I had:

1.5 litres water
500ml cucumber/celery/apple juice
box of strawberries
500ml water
avocado/lime/cumin/spring greens/nori/salt
1 tbsp goji berries
500ml water
bag of cherries
1 litre water
500ml celery/cucumber/apple juice
2 tbsp bee pollen with 2 tbsp hemp seeds
1 litre water

I have just been updating the ‘Media Coverage’ page on the RawReform website and discovered that one of the segments on me that was recently broadcast on SMTV is now available on YouTube – nice…it is me doing a raw food demo – avo/cilantro wraps and almond milk – check out the interesting make-up I received that day ;) and indeed, the whole piece, here:

On June the 9th I had:

1.5 litres water
big bag of apriums and apricots
800ml celery/cucumber/apple/ginger juice
avocado with sunflower greens, cilantro, baby romaine, nori, cumin powder, salt
3 dried figs with chocolate/coco sauce
1 litre water
500ml water
less than a cup of pineapple
1 banana
box of fresh figs (WOW)
600ml celery/cucumber/apple/ginger/fennel juice
3 tbsps bee pollen mixed with 3 tbsps hemp seed
1 litre water

I am enjoying being very physically active here in Canada at the moment – I am located next to a beautiful huge lake, with parks all around and it is very inspiring to just get out and get moving…I am running and cycling and spending lots of time in the sun…SOOOOO nice after many weeks on the road recently…I enjoy meeting the animals here especially…there seem to be a lot of them and they seem to be less shy of humans than I am accustomed to – seems like everyone in Canada is super-friendly ;) I am amused to meet these tiny rodents dodging about on the sides of paths – I am assuming they are chipmunks, but am not sure - I was so surprised to see them at first, but everyone else seems to ignore them, so I guess they're common here…today I also met many water-bird babies – baby swans and geese and ducks…ahhhhhh, my favourite…yes, I feel very blessed to be enjoying the serenity here…

One love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. Here in Portland (OR, USA) they are proposing to begin collecting food scraps with the yard waste weekly starting next year. Come to Portland sometime, Angela! You'd like it here.