Saturday, 2 June 2007

Pushing the limits...

I’m excited to say that the Juice Feast Teleconference Call series finished this week and the playbacks are all now available to access HERE on the RawReform website. We covered four topics in the weekly one-hour talks – Juice Feasting Practicalities, Hopes and Fears, Social Issues and Ending a Juice Feast. Thanks to all who participated and for those who want to listen in now to the playbacks…enjoy ;)

On May the 31st I had:

1.5 litres water
1 litre green juice with apple
macadamias with honey, maca and cayenne pepper
1 litre water
400ml green juice with apple
blend of coconut meat, Nutiva hemp shake, honey and water
with a sliced apple
500ml water
500ml peppermint tea
1 apple with fresh young greens
few macadamias
700ml water

I’d love to share a couple of recent anecdotes from life on the road as a raw foodist, witnessing some subculture cross-overs… Last week I experienced my first ever visit to a ‘drive-thru pharmacy’…yes…apparently such things now exist ;)…and my friend had something to pick up at one…I sat, smiling in amazement in the passenger seat and peeling a juicy mango I was about to bite into…just then, the pharmacist arrived at the service window, stared into the car at my mango and exclaimed ‘what’s THAT…?’ Just as I’d never seen a drive-thru pharmacy before, this woman had never seen…a mango… :) it amused me to see what different realities we can share…
Another interaction I witnessed this week that surprised me was between a mother and her 21-month-old son…we were waiting late at night for a Greyhound bus…the little boy curiously picked up a cigarette butt from the floor, to which his mother cried out ‘put that down, Kyle, you’re too young to smoke’…and there seemed to genuinely be no irony intended…wow…that nearly floored me…the fact that ANYONE smokes anymore still amazes me and the idea that a toddler is simply ‘not old enough yet’ to smoke was incredible to me… ;O
Travelling around the US on the Greyhound buses has indeed been quite some experience these last weeks and my conclusion is that I will defer from choosing this mode of transport again in the future… ;) I choose not to use words such as ‘never’ too frequently, but I do believe that in the context of whether I would choose to travel with Greyhound again, I would make an exception… ;)

June the 1st I had:

1.5 litres water
500ml green juice
avo/salt/romaine/nori/spring greens
banana mashed with maca
1 litre water
500ml green juice with carrot
strawberries with chocolate/coconut butter sauce
plate of raw potluck munchies like flax crackers with olive tapenade
1.5 litre water

I saw Cirque de Soleil’s Delirium last night in Nashville, TN. WOW. It was utterly, utterly spectacular. I would totally recommend seeing it if you have the chance…it is so incredibly stimulating and visually stunning (see little pic above). The dresses in particular were awe-inspiring…it was like a visual and aural FEAST…I LOVE to see what it is possible to do with these human bodies if we work them – dancers, trapeze artists, hula-hoopists, acrobats – the displays were outstanding and totally inspired me…I remembered a long-standing desire I had to be able in this lifetime, in this body, to do a back-flip…I do believe I possibly had the intention to be able to do that before I was 30 years old too…hmmmmm…well, I’ll be 29 this summer, so let’s see if by next summer I am ready for that ;) I promise I’ll make a YouTube video to share if I am able… ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx


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