Friday, 22 June 2007

Sweeeeeet to Share...

I made a new webpage on YouTube – I’m excited :) I just learnt that I can make my own ‘channel’ to store all my videos together, as well as share my favourites with the world – I really like it – you can see it HERE:
Check out the UK news interview with Shazzie in my favourites section – I find it sooooo wonderful – she shines with all her truth and raw glory and the presenters just about implode with outrage ;) tee-hee-heeeeee ;) I love it…

On June the 21st I had:

1.5 litres water
bag of cherries
800ml celery/cucumber/apple/fennel juice
big green salad with avo, dill, cumin, salt, seaweeds
1.5 litres water
1 papaya
2 bananas mashed up with a handful of seeds, goji berries, pinch of salt and some lucuma powder
1 litre water

I am SO in love with lucuma powder…have you ever tried it…? Those of you who have heard me talk at lectures may remember me mentioning it…it’s EASILY my all-time favourite raw sweetener…it is made from a dried fruit from Peru (see picture above), comes as a golden powder which is low glycemic and it tastes like SHORTBREAD…just divine…that recipe I made up recently of raw honey mixed with ground almonds and lucuma is outrageously good…the nearest thing to raw shortbread I’ve ever tasted and so simple – just 3 ingredients…yummmmmmmmm…it’s not always easy to locate, but you can see more about lucuma and order some to start playing with for yourself HERE…ENJOY ;)

On June the 22nd I had:

1 litre water
500ml spice tea (coooooooooooold here in the morning)
big bowl of strawberries
1 litre celery/cucumber/apple/fennel juice
2 bananas mashed up with a handful of seeds, goji berries, pinch of salt and some lucuma powder
1 litre water
1 mango
3 litres watermelon juice
bowl of baby spinach, sunflower and broccoli sprouts, dulse and jalapeno/cilantro no-bean hummus
Explosion of raw cacao treats (uh-ohhhhhh…cracao-ed and dangerous… ;)
500ml water

I had a look at the stats for the RawReform E-journal recently and discovered that people are tuning into these musings daily from over 30 COUNTRIES worldwide…wow...predictably, most of us are located in Canada, the US, the UK and Australia, but a big HELLO and WELCOME too to those of you joining in from Brunei to the Solomon Islands, Poland to Pakistan, Malaysia, Venezuela and Morocco to Saudi Arabia, Barbados, Vietnam and beyond…WOW…what a global community we are of like-minded light beings ;) I'd be fascinated to hear about perceptions of the raw food lifestyle from some of you in these far-reaching places if you'd like to leave a comment... ;)

Much love and joy to all,
Angela. xxx


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