Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Back on form ;)

Wow, it's HUMID down here in Texas...I hadn't really anticipated that...the veins on my arms are nearly always up, I'm frequently thirsty and I feel inclined to wrench my hair up, away from my neck...and it's MAY...I choose to only imagine what it must be like in this kind of environment in the summertime...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek ;)
Yesterday - May the 7th - I had:

1 litre water
250ml orange juice
600ml veggie juice
2 nori sheets stuffed with a mix of hemp seeds, flax oil and ground rock salt
500ml water
1/2 avo with handful of spinach and dulse
400g strawberries
750ml water

Back more into solids again now - throat and sinuses feeling SOOOO much better...wow...it's like being a different person again compared to a couple of days ago...the contrast between feeling less-than-optimal health then and this more familiar radiant raw glowing energy is HUGE for me...good to be reminded...
I saw the musical Stomp tonight. It was SO wonderful...so vibrant and inspiring. If you haven't heard of it/seen it, it is a group of men and women playing percussion on stage using everyday items like match boxes, brooms and kitchen sinks, yet creating the most phenomenal sound scapes and dance routines...it is simply electrifying...and no speaking at all...ahhhhhhhhhh, I do so love to go to the theatre...

Today I have had:

600ml water
450ml orange juice
650ml veggie juice
400ml water
1/2 avocado with spinch and nori
date/almond/carob treat
500ml water
2 oz wheatgrass juice
2 mangoes
750ml water

I've written this before, yet it is a constantly occuring issue, so I'm going to go into it again. If you have a YAHOO email address, are trying to email RawReform and think that you are not getting a response, PLEASE stop emailing us about it and CHECK YOUR SPAM BOX. Yahoo addresses seem to be incredibly challenging to deliver to and mail often seems to end up in the spam.
Please take a few moments to add the email domain 'at rawreform dot com' to your 'safe list' too and that will hopefully help. This is clearly frustrating for all involved and I am looking into solutions for this issue at the moment, to work better with Yahoo (and welcome any suggestions). For now, please be aware that we are not ignoring you - in fact, on the contrary, if you check your spam box, there are likely quite a few RawReform messages in there... ;)
One love,
Angela. xxx


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