Saturday, 26 May 2007

Life on the road...

Whoooooo…this raw food journey is taking me ALL over the place and into many interesting situations here in the States…I'm into the final leg of this current tour right now and it's been an amazing journey thus far...

On May the 24th I had:

1 litre water
500ml smoothie – coconut meat, banana, dates, cardamom, cinnamon, water
1 apple
500ml water
avo/lime juice/Himalayan salt/nori
500ml water
4 apricots
2 peaches
500ml water
500ml celery/apple/ginger juice
small plate of mixed raw potluck salads
1 litre water

While waiting in line at the post office this day, a woman came in with her 9-week-old baby daughter. The girl looked very pale and drowsy. I felt concern. The woman next to her in the queue began to comment on how cute this little girl was, to which the mother responded smthg along the lines of ‘yes, she’s so cute and drowsy, because she had just had a load of vaccination shots…’

I find this very disturbing…that a mother looks dotingly at her new-born child that she has just allowed someone to pump full of…mercury…toxins and…agggghhhh, goodness only knows what else and thinks it is CUTE
Though I don’t yet have children myself, so have not faced the actual decision of whether to vaccinate a child or not, as far as I am concerned, there really is no decision to be made here – I would not even consider it. If you have a young child or know of anyone with young children that are ‘due’ to be vaccinated, PLEASE reconsider, or urge their parents/caregivers to reconsider. The dangers and side effects of pumping our children’s systems with chemicals are WELL documented – please educate yourself or pass on useful books such as: Vaccinations – Deception and Tragedy by Michael Dye to help promote the move away from vaccination and towards NATURAL health care for all.

On May the 25th I had:
1 litre water
3 apricots
500ml water
avocado/lime/Himalayan salt/nori/spring greens
1 mango
500ml water
handful of sunflower seeds with spring greens
3 jackfruit pods
500ml water
600ml green juice with apple
1 banana
500ml water

This day was a loooooooooooooong day of travel for me – 12 hours on the road…most of it on a bus…it was fun though…the guy sitting next to me was very curious about my eating habits and it turned into a mini raw food education session right there on the bus ;) It all started when the bus stopped somewhere for people to grab lunch. Everyone re-boarded the bus with their hotdogs and burgers and fries and I pulled out my avocado to eat…the guy across the aisle looked on with fascination, then leaned over to ask me ‘what is that…?’ He had never seen an avocado before…imagine…so, as he chomped his way through his double cheeseburger, he continued to ask many questions about raw foods and I shared with him…it was a beautiful exchange to me, as even though this guy was in a totally different space in terms of his current intake, he seemed completely open and accepting of the things I was sharing. He never once argued, just asked many questions and reflected on the answers. The other nearby passengers joined in too and I gave them out some cards for my website so that they can connect more to these ideas there…encounters like that are dear to me in that they affirm for me that even people who it may seem are eating in a way entirely removed from raw foodism, CAN and DO get this message and may perhaps even move with it if the moment is ripe ;) Hurray :)

One love,
Angela. xxx


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