Saturday, 19 May 2007


I did a live radio interview this morning. It was with a show that broadcasts out of Asheville, NC, called Virato Live. It was fun…Virato is apparently a cousin of Viktoras Kulvinkskas…You can listen back to the podcast of our discussion, here:

May the 18th I had:

400ml water
700ml green juice with apple and ginger
500ml green juice
2 handfuls goji berries
1 small avo blended with one banana and maca, with a nori sheet
handful of sunflower seeds
600ml water
500ml water
700ml water
seaweed salad, raw veggie biryani curry, chocolate lava cake/ice cream all from Pure Food and Wine
700ml water

I ate at the divine Pure Food and Wine raw restaurant in NYC on Friday night…wow…this place blows me away every time – outstanding food, immaculate presentation, beautiful lighting and décor…I was there with two people new to raw foods and they LOVED it – hurray ;) By the way, I have recently updated the raw restaurants/eateries page on RawReform – check it out here and if there are other establishments you’d love to see added, just email and let me know ;)

May the 19th I had:

3 litres water
box of strawberries
1 litre celery/apple/fennel juice
handful of sunflower seeds and dulse
500ml water
500ml water
500ml water

...yep…not much food action going on today…after eating raw restaurant food the last two days, this body was pretty much done with solids today…digesting combinations like that seems like a lot of work…my body didn’t ask for solids until around 5pm today and even then it was just fruit…it really fascinates me how things become simpler and simpler in this way…
So, I’m shimmying on out of New York tomorrow and down into Pennsylvania. It’s been a great week – I’ve met loads of great people, had some wonderful raw foods and visited some great places. One of my favourite places I visited this week was the ‘Peace Through Play’ nursery school in Chestnut Ridge, NY. I spoke there a few nights ago and had the chance to experience the beautiful energy of the space and grounds there. It is a wonderful place. They take kids from the ages of 3 to 5 and provide a nurturing curriculum based around encouraging independence, creativity and love. The kids shine – they receive a lot of raw foods to eat, learn yoga and the place is covered in beautiful pictures and inspiring slogans of all kinds such as ‘kids should be seen and heard and listened to’, ‘give peace a chance’ and my favourite:

What if the Hokey-Cokey IS what it’s all about?

Love it :)
One love,
Angela. xxx


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