Tuesday, 22 May 2007

On the road again...

It was the third session of the Juice Feasting Teleconference Call series yesterday evening. We had a great talk, based around Social Issues while Juice Feasting. This series of talks has been a joy to give and record. Thanks to all of you who have been listening in and participating so far. If you haven’t been part of the calls and would love to hear what they’ve been all about, you can now listen to the playbacks – access to the playbacks can be ordered through the RawReform website here:


On May the 19th I had:

1.5 litres water
600ml celery/apple juice
½ a medium papaya
1 apple
1 avocado with dulse
1 mango
1 litre water
600ml green juice with apple
500ml green smoothie
cup of blueberry/banana raw ice cream
1 litre water

Lots of travelling for me this last couple of days – from NYC down to Lansdale, PA, then from there down to Fairfax, VA. In terms of distance it may not actually be that far (not sure), but it feels like a long haul to me at the moment, travelling with all my stuff and with public transport…this is an area of my life that people often question me about at talks, so I’m going to lay it out here... ;)

I don’t live anywhere. I am from England originally, but have no real ‘base’. I travel more or less constantly and have been ‘on the road’ for most of the last decade. I carry with me all that I really need – basically my clothes, laptop, RawReform booklets to sell, some toiletries and a little food. I love this lifestyle, which has taken me all over the world, into many amazing homes and spaces and to meet many wonderful beings. Sometimes my backpack is very heavy…and yet I used to carry more weight than that AS ME, all the time…I don’t drive…I have a driving license, but I have never felt comfortable driving cars, so mainly use public transport on big trips or bike around for smaller errands. I do not own any raw kitchen equipment, yet am 100% raw and have been on a raw journey for 5 years…I do not have a house, car, mortgage, fridge, tables, sofas or pets either ;) I have a bike…it is in England…

on May the 20th I had:

750ml water
500ml celery/apple juice
1 orgasmic durian pod
cup of banana/carob raw ice cream
1 teaspoon spirulina powder
300ml water
Handful of sunflower seeds and a few sheets of nori
1 litre water
Box of strawberries
2 apples
1.5 litres water

so, that's what eating in the raw on the road looks like for me at the moment…pretty simple stuff - I love it...and here, if you’re curious, is a list of ten things I always have with me on my travels (in no particular order):

Enzymes and probiotics
Spare plastic bags
Plastic cutlery
Water to drink
Face scrub
Green powder
Inspirational cards (draw one each morning to set the tone for my day)

I’m headed to Jamaica next after the States this time round – if anyone has any tips on where to stay there, with good internet access, please do let me know ;) – drop me a line at angela@rawreform.com...

Happy travels ;)
One love,
Angela. xxx


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