Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Reaching Completion...

I keep forgetting to mention: NEW DATES HAVE BEEN ADDED TO MY CURRENT TOUR SCHEDULE…apologies for the extremely late notice, but a few more events are now up on the RawReform calendar – tomorrow (Thursday, May the 3rd) I will be speaking in Kansas City, then after that there are talks in both Austin (Saturday, May the 5th) and Houston (Wednesday, May the 9th) in Texas …you can check out the details here:,com_events/task,view_month/Itemid,1/month,05/year,2007/

Hope to see you there if you are in the area ;)

Yesterday was…an absolutely phenomenal day for me…it was the last full day of the women’s retreat here in Michigan. We broke them out of their juice feast, we had an incredible sweat lodge and it was full moon in Scorpio…what more could we ask for…? ;) The lodge was…beyond words for me – an intensely grounding, humbling and serene space of sharing, sweating our prayers and then arising anew from the flames and heat, like phoenixes from the ashes…I don’t think I have ever sweat so much in the space of 3 hours in my life, it was an amazingly cleansing experience and my skin glowed after…and I literally could not bring myself to speak to anyone afterwards…it was a time of deep connection and wonderment for me and I was truly grateful for the experience…

Yesterday- May the 1st - I had:

500ml water
500ml peppermint tea
shot of wheatgrass
1 litre chard/cucumber/apple juice
400ml water
8oz soaked dried prunes (YAAAAAAAAY ;)
300ml water
300ml green juice
1 plate of watermelon cubes
500ml water
1 litre ‘5000 volts’ – celery/red pepper/garlic/hot pepper/orange juice
2 litres water

Going back onto solids again was an interesting experience this time round after Juice Feasting…I could see how totally indifferent I felt about foods and it was a strange thing to see…I was cutting up watermelon for example – one of my absolute favourite foods and I felt totally uninterested in reaching for a piece to eat…I DID however go back on to solids, as it felt like the time to do it, but I was very interested to witness my feelings about them…

Today I have had:

500ml water
500ml peppermint tea
½ shot wheatgrass
400ml liver cleanse drink
700ml apple/celery/beet/ginger juice
bowl of watermelon cubes
1 plate green leafy salad
meat of 1 young coconut
1 litre chard/celery juice
700ml peppermint tea
big chunk of watermelon
1 litre water

I woke up today feeling a lot of detox stuff going on, after going back on to solids and feeling the cleansing of the sweat lodge…sleep in eyes, running nose etc…interesting – that just some prunes and watermelon can make such a difference…
The power, beauty and magnificence that has been shown to us during this retreat has been magnificent to witness…the flow of energy, the love and sharing, supportive bonding and sisterhood…it has been simply joyous to hold this space here with this incredible group of sisters who have all felt enormous, powerful, life shifts occur in the space of these 7 days…how blessed we are, as they now go forth, back to their homes and loved ones and communities and can share this message of healing and light…wow…
So, it was absolutely clear that we want to hold this kind of sacred space again for another retreat and we have already put the dates in place – September the 12th to the 19th – and the places are already filling up, so please do get in there fast if you want to be with us next time round – you can see more details on Rawnora’s website – ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx


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