Monday, 14 May 2007

Raw in the Big Apple...

WOW…I am in New York City now…I am staying with a friend very close to Central Park, on the 35TH FLOOR of an apartment building…I don’t think I’ve ever been so high up in a building for so long…the city-scape views from here are just…extraordinary to my eyes…I am not used to seeing things like this…it’s like my eyes can’t quite read what they’re seeing…layers and layers and layers upon layers of buildings stretching back and out in all directions…it looks like a TV set or smthg to me… ;)

On Saturday, May the 12th I had:

1 litre water
500ml herb tea
400ml green smoothie
plate of fresh greens, avo, cumin, lime wrapped in nori sheets
1 extremely ripe mango
1 litre water
500ml green veggie juice
arugula (rocket) salad with sunflower greens, red pepper and avo followed by zucchini (courgette) noodles with raw marinara sauce and ‘meatballs, followed by walnut/coconut/chocolate truffles
1 litre water

I spoke Saturday evening at new raw eatery The Stand in Norwalk, Connecticut. What a sweet little place. Run by a lovely young raw couple, this has only been open a few months but is seeing great success already, helping people to cleanse and transition to raw, feed their children more healthily, attend inspiring events and connect with other like-minded people. The event was sold out. They made a marvellous 3-course meal, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all and pretty simple to digest. The portions were HUGE – I got half of mine wrapped to go for the next day ;) The audience were lovely – a lot of people very new to raw – it’s always fun to open up those doorways with people right at the start of this journey ;) I’ll definitely be back there to speak again at some point down the line…

On May the 13th, Sunday, I had:

700ml water
500ml herbal tea
450ml green juice
leftover squaghetti/tomato sauce/almond ‘meatballs’ with green salad and nori
raw date/almond/carob bar
1 litre water
1 apple, 1 mango
handful of dulse and sheet of nori, handful of spinach
2oz wheatgrass shot
2 apples
1 litre water

I went out walking last night in NYC to find some things to juice and on returning back to the apartment I discovered my feet were BLACK with dust and dirt from the city streets here – wow…I was shocked…I wear Crocs shoes, the ones with the holes all over them…and as I took them off, my friend and I laughed in complete surprise to see my polka-dotted black and white feet revealed…HOW did that happen…? I only walked about 5 blocks and back again…city life is definitely an adventure for me… ;)
I speak tonight at Bonobo’s Restaurant on E. 23rd Street, near Madison Square and on Wednesday night at High Vibe down on E. 3rd Street, between 1st St. and Ave A…see my schedule HERE for other dates and more info...
Hope to see you at a talk somewhere soon ;)
One love,
Angela. xxx


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