Sunday, 6 May 2007

My Raw Vegan Radio Interview - Listen Now :)

I'm excited to say that Raw Vegan Radio have just posted a lovely little 20 minute interview I did with them recently in LA. We talked about Juice Feasting, raw transformations and future can check it out on their site, here:

I'm also excited to say that I am feeling MUCH better now, after the ear-candling-sinus-draining detox implosion of the last few days. Thanks for all the well-wishing messages ;)
I have been on almost totally liquids the last couple of days and that, along with lots of rest, plenty of enzymes on an empty stomach and aiding the detox by using one of the new, mega-sized enema bags, helped this detox process to really move on there is almost no swelling in my tonsils, my energy is back, my voice works and my sinuses fell clear...hurray :)

The last couple of days I have had various amounts of:


Watermelon juice

Green veggie juices

'Wild Blueberry Lemonade' from the wonderful Daily Juice bar in Austin, TX

Aloe Vera Juice

Orange Juice

Bee pollen

Green powder

I am grateful for this healing process...and excited to be ready and able to speak on Monday night for the start of the Juice Feast conference calls... ;) I next speak in public too this wednesday in Houston, Texas...hope to catch you somewhere soon... ;)

One love,

Angela. xxx


  1. So how did you like austin? how was the crowd there? I'm glad you're feeling better and wish I could see you on this tour but there's no way really. You're such an inspiration to me and I really like how you emphasize not to push yourself or your body to a place where it's not ready to be yet, I was totally doing that but now I'm being more gentle on myself.

    much love!
    - marcellina

  2. I am so sorry I missed you in Austin!! I didn't even realize you were here, but now you're not're in Houston!

    Anyway, I LOOOVE the Daily Juice, I write about it in my blog It's such a great place! I really hope you liked Austin, it is a great city, even if it is humid!!


  3. Excellent interview on raw vegan radio. Thanks for doing it.